Get an Exclusive Look Inside the New Show 'Trending Fear'

On the new series 'Trending Fear,' Adam Ellis, along with researcher and friend, Jen Lewis, and paranormal investigator Paul Bradford crisscross the country to help people who are experiencing hauntings.

January 16, 2020
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The Trending Fear Team

In 2017, Adam Ellis (left) began documenting a terrifying ghost that haunted his historic New York City apartment. He chronicled his findings using #DearDavid and used social media to ask for advice, find help, and ultimately, receive reassurance that he wasn't alone. His experience gained millions of views, and suddenly, Adam was thrust into the world of the paranormal. Now, he's determined to help others. Adam has enlisted his friend Jen Lewis to help with research, as well as paranormal investigator, Paul Bradford, creator of numerous pieces of ghost hunting equipment sold by Ghost Stop.

The Haunting of the Norwood Theater

The team's first ghost hunt hits close to home. Jen Lewis receives a call from a staff member at the Norwood Theater ... a theater that her mom owns. Jen grew up there running through the aisles and making forts in the basement. Now, she and the Trending Fear team return to confront the spirits that remain trapped within the historic theater.

#DearDavid's Adam Ellis Hosts New Series 'Trending Fear'

Things That Go Bump in the Night

The team learns that a small boy haunts the theater's auditorium, but that something else haunts the basement. The presence in the basement is much darker and heavier, causing staff members to report an overwhelming sense of fear and dread whenever they go downstairs.

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A Disastrous Past

When the team investigates the basement they experience doors opening on their own and spot floating orbs. After calling in the help of a medium, they soon learn the tragic truth. While the theater was constructed back in 1926, a construction worker died during a horrific accident. Now, his energy remains stuck in the basement, unable to move forward.

Someone Refuses to Leave

The team's next investigation takes them to a home in New Jersey where all hell is breaking loose (quite literally.) The family hears voices, feels overwhelming energy in the basement, and the mother has even been pushed down the stairs ... and then there's the full-body apparition of a Native American man in full headdress that stands and watches the house from the backyard. Desperate and afraid, the family contacts the Trending Fear team for answers.

A Strange Feeling

When the team arrives at the Franklinville, New Jersey, home, they immediately feel a shift in the energy. Not surprisingly, Adam quickly learns that Franklinville is actually one of the most haunted spots in the entire state.

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Location Is Everything

Adam and Jen head to a local bar to interview townspeople about the strange occurrences in Franklinville. There, a shocking fact is revealed: The house they're investigating sits right by Route 55, which was built directly on top of a native burial ground. Residents regularly see full-bodied apparitions of native people and dozens of Native American artifacts have been found near the highway.

Enter the Void

With the mystery of the native chief solved, the team heads back to the house to confront the malicious spirit that haunts the family. The basement seems to be where the fiercest paranormal activity occurs, so Adam and Jen decide to investigate while Paul watches the monitors. They discover that the home's old owner, Clarence, is the one refusing to pass on. Angry at his wife for not being able to have children, Clarence lived out his years as a bitter recluse who poisoned the neighborhood pets and hated children. It's up to the team to help him move on to the next world.

The Dark Side of Voodoo

Adam receives a strange video from a girl named Summer that shows a crystal ball glowing in a pitch-black room. Summer's grandmother, Pavana, practiced voodoo and black magic. Now that Pavana has passed away and a trunk of her belongings has been handed down to Summer, the entire afterworld has descended upon the unsuspecting granddaughter. Summer has vivid nightmares, is visited at night by spirits and feels she's in danger. The team decides to investigate to help keep Summer safe.

Consulting a Medium

Jen and Paul bring Pavana's trunk to psychic medium Melissa Henyan hoping to get some answers. The medium immediately feels the presence of the crystal ball and tells the team that throughout Pavana's life, she put all of her energy into the ball, demanding it to work—to be a portal to other worlds. Now, the crystal ball is like an open gateway for spirits and demonic entities.

Crossing Over

During Jen and Paul's interview, the medium also tells them that Pavana is still here, unable to part with her belongings in the trunk. If the team wants to save Summer from dark forces, it's their job to help Pavana make peace with this world and cross over to the next.

Ghost Trains in Texas

Adam, Jen and Paul head to the small town of Tomball, Texas, to investigate Tejas Chocolate and Barbeque. The restaurant has been experiencing strange and dangerous paranormal activity: Knives flying off walls, pitchers being shoved off counters, doors swinging open on their own and the feeling of someone breathing down employees' necks. Combine that with the mysterious ghost train that passes the restaurant nightly, and you have two restaurant owners who are terrified of their own establishment.

A Real Ghost Town

The team meets with the contractor who helped renovate the 105-year-old restaurant. He confirms that while working on the building he and his team heard constant noises, felt like they were being watched and would have construction equipment fall over out of nowhere. He also tells the team that the town knows of a mischievous local ghost named Travis that roams the neighborhood. But he thinks whatever is inside Tejas feels much different.

Investigating the Restaurant

Adam and Jen search the restaurant while Paul watches the monitors. Throughout the night, the team picks up EVP recordings, EMF readings and discovers that the spirit within the Tejas restaurant is the one responsible for the town's notorious ghost train. The question then becomes: Is this ghost benevolent or malicious?

A Haunting in Arizona

The team gets a call from Aaron who lives in Arizona. Although his house is relatively new, it seems to be a superhighway for the dead. He's picked up more than 100 EVP recordings, sees shadows lingering through the home, and most importantly, is worried about his infant son, who can no longer sleep alone because something seems to be keeping him awake at night.

"Help Me"

Aaron shows Adam and Jen the list of the EVP voices he's recorded. The list includes "Murder," "Help Me," and someone calling out for a woman named Kathy. In his panic, Aaron has outfitted every room in his house with audio and video recorders, which makes the team fear that his energy and attention is what's actually attracting the visiting spirits.

Making Contact

During the investigation, Paul's surveillance equipment captured motion in rooms that were completely empty. In another part of the house, Adam and Jen picked up numerous EMF readings and even made audio contact with entities using a ghost box. Because of the extremely high level of paranormal activity, it's up to the team to spiritually cleanse Aaron's house in order to keep him and his son safe.

Torture in Texas

The team's final investigation takes them to the small town of Mineola, Texas, where the owners of the historic O.P. Pyle House are experiencing more ghostly activity than they can handle. The house is a perfect storm for a haunting. Built in 1903, the house sits directly next to the town's historic cemetery where more than 500 bodies are buried.


Homeowners Heidi Hoke and David Crook along with their daughter, Laurel, show Paul the backyard where they regularly see figures roaming the grounds. Paul will set up EMF detectors around the yard to capture any fluctuations in the electromagnetic field.

Mineola's Dark Past

As the team investigates the home, they learn that Mineola's history is dark and sorrowful. Railroad corporations demanded that the rail line be built fast, and with little regulation, the tracks were built at the expense of human life. Many men were beaten, starved and even murdered during the construction of Mineola's railway. Now, these angry souls seem to be stuck in the very town where they lost their lives.

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