Trip Flip: Austin Pictures

Maxim and Rebecca are in for the trip of a lifetime when they head to Austin, TX, to attempt bull riding, lay down tracks and drink tequila with the Court Yard Hounds and much more.
Episode: Austin

Maxim and Rebecca can't hold back their excitement after Bert tells them he plans to take them on an all-expense-paid dream vacation to Austin, TX.

Austin vacationers Rebecca and Maxim smile for the camera at “Trash Vegas” in the Cathedral of Junk.

Maxim dives feet first into the entrance of Natural Bridge Caverns.

Bert rappels into underground caves.

Bert introduces Rebecca and Maxim to The Court Yard Hounds.

Martie and Emily of The Court Yard Hounds and The Dixie Chicks warm up for a special Trip Flip jam session.

Rebecca adds seasoning to the meat on the grill at the Salt Lick in downtown Austin.

Rebecca picks up a fancy pair of cowboy boots from Allens Boots.

Like Bert always says, "there's nothing wrong with a little romance on the vacation of a lifetime," as Rebecca and Maxim share a dance.

Bert, Rebecca and Maxim go over the basics of bull riding with their instructor.

Rebecca hangs on tight as her calf attempts to buck her.

Maxim regains his bearings after falling off his bull.

Rebecca and Maxim learn glass blowing on the final day of their adventure in Austin.

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