Trip Flip: Cancun Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 tourists the chance to throw out their plans and let him take the lead on a free 3-day trip to Cancun. Their adventure includes cave rappelling, Mexican wrestling and much more.
Episode: Cancun

Jordan and Maria prepare for some water activities while standing in between Mayan ruins in Cancun, Mexico.

Bert and Jordan lounge in the hot tub at a fish spa.

A look down the pier stretching into the ocean, as fishing boats off in the distance head out to sea.

Maria hangs with lucha libre wrestlers. Lucha libre is a form of professional wrestling that has developed in several Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico.

Jordan and Maria pose with their racing helmets on.

Bert and the travelers arrive in Tulum, Mexico, one of the last pre-Columbian cities inhabited and built by the Mayans.

An outside view of the ocean from the fish spa.

Bert and the vacationers stand in front of a cenote opening. A cenote is a deep natural sinkhole that exposes groundwater below.

Jordan and Maria wearing their lucha libre masks.

A view of the Tulum ruins.

Bert, Jordan and Maria enjoy a nice cocktail on the beach on their last night in Cancun.

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