Trip Flip: Puerto Rico Pictures

After agreeing to let Bert take the reigns and plan an amazing, all-expenses-paid trip to Puerto Rico, adventurers Chris and Whitney receive 2 tickets to paradise.
Episode: Puerto Rico

Bert gives Chris and Whitney the opportunity of a lifetime when he offers them an all-expenses-paid trip to Puerto Rico. All they have to do is say "yes."

Whitney has her eye on the prize as she pushes her way to the top of a palm tree for a fresh coconut.

On the beach in Puerto Rico, Chris cracks open the coconut Whitney collected.

Chris learns how to dance "Bomba style" in Puerto Rico.

Bert, Chris and Whitney dress in the proper attire for their photo with the Puerto Rican locals who taught them how to Bomba.

Mofongo, a grilled dish made out of molded plantains with shrimp is often served with red snapper.

Bert leads the Puerto Rican Trip Flip surfing team to their next wave.

Chris chases a wave on his first time out.

Chris and Whitney learn how to make Vejigante masks, which are traditionally worn during Carnival in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican pinchos, grilled pork or chicken kabobs with adobe seasoning, are on the menu for our adventurers.

Bert, Whitney and Chris pose for the camera before cruising through the rainforest at Toro Verde, the world’s longest zip line.

Whitney glides through the tree canopy on her zip line.

On the last night of their adventure, Chris and Whitney enjoy a romantic meal on the beach in their personal cabana.

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