Trip Flip: We'll Always Have Paris Pictures

Bert takes newlyweds Craig and Heather Bacon to France for an ultimate Parisian experience.

Photo By: 022021008724

Photo By: 022021008724

Host Bert Kreischer and Trip Flip adventurers Heather and Craig Bacon cruise through the streets of Paris in an Amphicar, a German car from the 1960s that acts as a car and a boat!

Bert poses alongside the Amphicar on the streets of downtown Paris.

Bert, Heather and Craig smile for the camera near Dans le Noir restaurant in Paris, France

Our adventurers head to the Red Light District to enjoy backstage passes to the most famous cabaret show in the world: the Moulin Rouge.

Bert and Trip Flip travelers Craig and Heather enjoy a cup of coffee in Paris at Caf?oth?que, known for its more than 1,000 varieties of coffee.

After posing naked for a local artist, Bert, Heather and Craig "admire" the work of art.

A bird's eye view of the beautiful Chateau de Villiers Le Mahieu in the Yvelines d?partement of France.

Bert rows Heather and Craig towards a moat at Chateau de Villiers Le Mahieu. The group will spend the night in the actual castle before their Parisian adventure comes to a close.

Craig, Heather and Bert enjoy a wine tasting while at Chateau de Villiers Le Mahieu.

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