Building the World's Longest Pictures

Xtreme Waterparks traveled halfway around the world for an exclusive look at the longest waterslide on Earth, a temporary installation that stretched across 2,000 feet of New Zealand’s beautiful landscape.
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Engineering the Slide

Jimi Hunt, creator of the world’s longest waterslide, discusses his plans with Aflex Technology engineer Bren Ellis in Nelson, New Zealand.

Should We Use Tubes?

Jimi and Bren talk about the possibility of using different tubes to allow people to travel down the slide.

Inside Aflex Technology

An Aflex worker sews together pieces for one of the various water products the company offers.

Moving the Slide

Volunteers help Jimi get the slide out a window in Auckland so they can test its durability.

Preparing the Slide

The crew films volunteers who are helping set up the world's longest waterslide at Jonkers Farm outside Auckland.

Here Comes the Water!

A water truck sits at the top of the hill waiting to fill the slide.

Ready to Be Tested?

Jimi sets out to walk along the 2,000-foot slide to make sure it’s ready to be tested.

Opening Day

The sun rises on opening day for the monstrous waterslide, which is almost as long as 7 football fields.

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