Ice Cream Paradise

In America, folks scream especially loudly for their ice cream: consuming one and a half billion gallons of it each year.
By: Laurel D'Agenais
Bassetts Ice Cream Company

Bassetts Ice Cream Company

Photo by: Bassetts Ice Cream Company

Bassetts Ice Cream Company

Ice cream: it's a sweet treat craved by children and adults alike. In America, folks scream especially loudly for their ice cream: consuming one and a half billion gallons of it each year. From cotton candy to beer-flavored ice cream, nothing beats a semi-frozen concoction of sweetness. So grab your scoop, and head on over to some of America's most famous ice cream paradises.

Bassetts Ice Cream
Philadelphia is where ice cream earned its popularity in America. Today, Bassetts Ice Cream is still serving up its famous ice cream like it did 150 years ago. Located in Philadelphia's bustling Reading Terminal Market, Bassetts Ice Cream feeds hundreds of ice cream-craving tourists each day. What makes Bassetts ice cream so delicious? The secret is in the fat: 16 1/2 percent butter fat. Although the ice cream may be high in calories, its unique flavor keeps patrons coming back for more.

The Berkey Creamery
University Park, Pennsylvania
If you've dreamed of majoring in ice cream-making, head over to Penn State University's famous Berkey Creamery. In 1892, Penn State was the first to offer a two-week ice cream manufacturing training program. Today, students help churn out the creamery's famous ice cream. When you visit, make sure you remember the one rule: only one ice cream flavor per cone. However, some rules are meant to be broken. When President Clinton visited the Berkey Creamery, he ordered a Peach Pertuno and cherry ice cream all in one cone, obviously unaware of the Berkey Creamery's ice cream policy. The students let that one slide. 

Ben and Jerry's
Waterbury, Vermont
Waterbury, VT, is home to two famous Penn State alumni: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Together, they established America's most famous ice cream: Ben and Jerry's. Famous for their wild ice cream flavors, including strawberry kiwi and cinnamon buns, the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Waterbury, VT, conducts factory tours for over 500,000 visitors each year. The best part of the tour may be at the end: each visitor gets a scoop of Ben and Jerry's world-famous ice cream. 

Doumar's Drive-In
Norfolk, Virginia
Every time you order your ice cream in a cone, you can thank the folks at Doumar's Drive-In in Norfolk, VA. Doumar's is credited with inventing the waffle cone. In 1904, Syrian immigrant, Abe Doumar was busy selling souvenirs at the St. Louis World Fair. When a local ice cream vendor ran out of plates, Abe suggested rolling a waffle into the shape of a cone to serve the ice cream, much like how his family served jelly back home in Syria. Today, waffle cones are as popular and tasty as ever.

Max and Mina's
Queens, New York
If you'd like to try ice cream of a very different flavor, head over to Max and Mina's ice cream in Queens, NY. Max and Mina's is famous for its unique ice cream flavors like corn on the cob, white fish and beer-flavored ice cream. The trend-setting, comfort food flavors have even attracted some Hollywood stars, including Rosie O'Donnell and Kevin James. However, even some flavors prove to be too bizarre for the masses. One of those unsuccessful flavors was pizza-flavored ice cream.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy
Pasadena, California
Pasadena, CA, may be best known for the Rose Bowl, but the Fair Oaks Pharmacy has been around much longer. Back in 1915, Fair Oaks Pharmacy used to be just a pharmacy with a gift shop. Today, it is home to an old-fashioned soda fountain. In addition to its ice cream sodas, Fair Oaks Pharmacy is famous for its simple ice cream sundaes, lime rickeys and milkshakes. So, if you'd like a taste of yesteryear, head to Fair Oaks Pharmacy.

Serendipity 3
Manhattan, New York
At Serendipity 3, ice cream is taken to a different level. Serendipity 3 is home to some of the most decadent ice cream concoctions in the world. One of the most famous items on the menu is the frozen hot chocolate, which is made from 15 different types of chocolate blended together and frozen. If you have your credit card handy, try the Golden Opulent Sundae. Made with extremely rare Chuo chocolate, edible 24-karat gold and served in a Baccaret crystal goblet, there is no wonder why this dessert costs a whopping $1,000 per cream, frozen, treat, american, food, food paradise, travel channel, travel, sweets

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