Tony lands in Laos, a land with picturesque landscapes, exotic cuisines and a mysterious history. One of the less-popular Asian countries among tourists, Tony is ready to discover its appeal.

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Some of the free planters, decorative items and building materials we left behind in Laos. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Cameraman Zach Zamboni in standard sleeping position. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Condiments of Laos: soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, chili paste, fish paste, a roll of toilet paper. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

How we shoot driving scenes: me on scooter, Zach riding backwards on another scooter. Safety first! 960 1280


Asian #7. Director/producer/cameraman and sometimes extra, Paul Cabana. Easily one of the best at the job. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

In keeping with Zach's ongoing obsession with riding backwards on moving objects -- seen here rear-mounted on an elephant. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

And it really does feel disturbingly scrotal up there -- like reverse tea-bagging a recently man-scaped giant. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

Todd Leibler, slipping with each episode more deeply into the cesspit of alcoholism, takes some on-the-job lao-lao. 960 1280

Rennik Soholt  

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