Click through behind-the-scenes photos from the No Reservations Obsessed special.

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Zach gets up-close and personal with the rodeo crew. 960 1280


Tony and Jorge sit down for a meal at Don Vittorio's seafood restaurant. 960 1280


Todd captures a perfect moment. 960 1280


Tony shares a moment with his ride for the evening. 960 1280


In the distance, seals bask in the last bit of sunlight for the day. 960 1280


Picture-perfect setting in Chile. 960 1280


Tony indulges in a roadside snack. 960 1280


Mouthwatering empanadas 960 1280


Tony and crew prepare to feast on the beach. 960 1280


Dave looks out to sea while enjoying a cool afternoon beer. 960 1280


Street vendors gather for an evening barbecue. 960 1280


Tony and his sidekick Maxim join in on the evening barbecue. 960 1280


Crew members Alex and Christian enjoying a good laugh over ice-cream cones. 960 1280


Todd captures Tony and Santiago Rosero at La Esquina. 960 1280


A well-stocked shoe store in Quito. 960 1280


Alex films Milton Naula in prep mode. 960 1280


High up on the El Panecillo hill, a statue of the Virgin Mary can be seen from most locations in Quito. 960 1280


Tony tries a local specialty -- cuy (aka guinea pig) -- at El Hueco. 960 1280


Todd captures beauty shots of Quito for the post-production editors to use in the Ecuador/Galapagos episode. 960 1280


Todd wrapes up his final shots of Quito with Tony. 960 1280



Anthony Bourdain walks the streets near Belle Isle. 960 1280


Outside of The Galley Diner in Southie, home of the best breakfast sandwich Tony Bourdain has ever had. 960 1280


Don't miss the Howie Carr sandwich at Michael's Deli. 960 1280


Tony and Mike Ruffino enjoy Bloody Mary's at the Liberty Hotel. 960 1280


A wide shot of downtown Boston. 960 1280


Tony and the crew synchronize their phones. 960 1280


Tony and Mike Ruffino have drinks at the L Street Tavern. 960 1280


Cameraman Zach Zamboni does whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. 960 1280


A beautiful sky brightens the dock at the Savin Hill Yacht Club. 960 1280


Tony and Mike Ruffino go for a stroll on the streets of Boston. 960 1280


Wide view of Peter Welch's gym in Southie. 960 1280


Somebody hit the bull's-eye at Murphy's Law. 960 1280


Tony visits the Howie Carr Show. 960 1280


Mmm. Breakfast at The Galley Diner. Pictured here is corned beef hash and eggs. 960 1280


Tony and Mike Ruffino get ready to bowl at South Boston Candlepin. 960 1280


Tony in a Ferrari

Tony in a Ferrari

"Ok, Michael. Hold on … I'm going to gun it!" -- Tony Bourdain 960 1280


Michael White with the camera crew in Italy

Michael White with the camera crew in Italy

"Chef Michael White considers a career in cinematography." -- Tony Bourdain 960 1280


Close-up picture of handmade pasta being cut

Close-up picture of handmade pasta being cut

"Hand-made pasta. A thing of beauty."-- Tony Bourdain 960 1280


Tony Bourdain enjoys a meal and wine in a vineyard

Tony Bourdain enjoys a meal and wine in a vineyard

"Wine. Sunshine. Good food. A perfect day." -- Tony Bourdain 960 1280


Close-up picture of a menu

Close-up picture of a menu

"Good culatello doesn't come cheap." -- Tony Bourdain 960 1280


Anthony Bourdain and his friend Linh share a meal lakeside. 960 1280


Tony takes a stroll through a neighborhood in Dalat. 960 1280


Tony looks at the impressive flower fields, framed by a ceramic wall architecture in Dalat. 960 1280


Producer Tom Vitale and cameraman Todd Liebler prepare for the next shot. 960 1280


The infamous walking shot, which our beloved Tony prefers not to do. 960 1280


Tony joins 2 locals for a vegetarian meal at a Buddhist pagoda. 960 1280


Taking in his surroundings, Tony reflects on his trip back to Vietnam. 960 1280


Tony dines with Linh and the Zek family in M'mong. 960 1280


A close-up of delicious scallions, a staple of Vietnamese cooking. 960 1280


Producer Tom Vitale films extra footage for the final show in an old Hanoi quarter. 960 1280


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