Paris Reborn: Cow Heads, Caves & Pig Parts

Andrew heads to the City of Lights for classic Parisian foods that are making a comeback. In a city famous for putting its unique stamp on culinary history, a new attitude is re-invigorating French foods using innovative techniques and artisanal ingredients. From feasting on mushrooms harvested in underground caves to brining hams delivered to the presidential palace to learning the dying art of aging cheese, Andrew reveals a delicious side of Paris, France that most people never get to see! To kick off his tour of Paris, Andrew descends into the mysterious catacombs and quarry tunnels under the modern city. There, in a quarry where stone was excavated for the Palace of Versailles, local journalist Rooksana Hoosenally introduces Andrew to Angel Moioli. Moioli shows Andrew the endless rows of iconic Champignon De Paris mushrooms he grows for an exclusive clientele and Andrew is allowed to taste one just seconds after its harvested. Andrew gets another one of a kind experience when he visits the last shop in Paris still devoted to making ham the distinctly Parisian way. At Sojadam Doumbea, the ham is so good it's regularly delivered to the presidential palace! After trying his hand brining the famous hams from the inside out by injecting brine into the veins, Andrew gets to taste ham gelatin leftover from the brining process. As a finishing touch, the iconic hams are branded with an Eiffel Tower stamp. Andrew goes underground to the revered Alleosse cheese caves where owner Phillippe Alleosse ages what are universally regarded as some of the most perfectly ripe cheeses in the world. Alleosse is one of a handful of affineurs certified by the French government as a master craftsman and it shows in the masterpiece cheeses he and his daughter create. Andrew tastes Corsican sheep's and goat's milk cheeses, St. Nectaire cheese from the Pyrenees Mountains, and washed-rind Epoisse cheese. World-renowned chef Yannick Alleno gives Andrew a chemistry crash course on his work re-imagining the classic sauces at his 3-Michelin star restaurant Ledoyen. In an effort to bring back the old-world style of French cuisine before it becomes extinct, Alleno creates stock-based sauces by freezing them instead of heating them, resulting in concentrated essences of the plants and animals themselves. After tasting various sauces and extracts, Andrew and Yannick head to Yannick's new bistro Terrior Parisien. The bistro, which centers around traditional, farm-raised ingredients, features a popular menu item called the calf's head hot dog. Made with boiled calf's head, skin, cheek and tongue, the dish reminds Andrew of his grandmother's cooking when he was growing up. Next, Andrew meets up with charcutier Gilles Verot, who invites Andrew to taste the country recipes that made him famous. Raised by a family of charcutiers, Verot values the old-fashioned farmhouse recipes he grew up on, such as the caillette pork pate proudly served at his shop. After tasting more French country classics, Andrew is put to work crafting Verot's "pig from head to toe," a hearty head cheese layered with ham shank, pig blood, pork fat, dry sausage, pig intestines and apples at his restaurant Maison Verot. Andrew sums up his time in Paris exploring the French Revolution - on Rue de Nil! The narrow, one-block alley is home to a fresh food revolution taking place thanks to Chef Greg Marchand. The guys hit the street to shop for Greg's restaurant Frenchie To Go a few doors down, and score fresh squid ink, river trout and exquisite local chicken.

Rome: Porchetta, Pecorino and Pizza

Andrew heads to The Eternal City of Rome, Italy for tastes that truly stand the test of time. The international hub has been a work in progress for centuries, and its food is constantly evolving with it. From sampling cheese aged inside caves from the first century B.C. to netting eel with Rome's last eel fisherman, Andrew finds out the just what has kept the city so deliciously rich all these years. On his first stop in Rome, Andrew goes to the city's finest meat shop, Il Norcino Bernabei, for tastes "that prove divinity exists." Meat-cutting master Vitaliano Bernabei hand-crafts his signature porchetta for Andrew, as well as his unparalled capicola and pork head cheese. Andrew digs into the exquisite porcine products and claims to hear Angels singing. No trip to Italy would be complete with pizza, and Italian-American food writer Katie Parla knows just where to get the best pie! Katie brings Andrew to Pizzeria Ostiense for Rome's paper-thin style pizza topped with anchovy sauce and puntarelle, buffalo mozzarella and red sauce, or peas, mushroom and sausage. They also sample Roman classics like zucchini squash blossoms, tripe in tomato sauce, and a cheese calzone with zucchini flowers and eggplant. Across the way in the Testaccio neighborhood, Andrew and Katie try out Stefano Callegari's new sandwich invention, the trapizzino: pizza dough squares, baked, halved and filled with traditional Roman ingredients. Andrew tastes the trapizzino with braised oxtail and celery, as well as the cold poached veal tongue trapizzino and calls them a "work of art." In Testaccio Market, Katie introduces Andrew to quinto quarto cuisine: animals' innards or offal. At the market's Mordi e Vai restaurant, they munch on sandwiches prepared with three chambers of a cow's stomach in tomato sauce and mint, followed by a veal kidney and onion sandwich. Dessert is at the Da Artenio stand, where Andrew would trade everything he's eaten in the last year for another bite of their ciambelline al vino: a sugar-dusted, twice-baked cookie made with wine. At Il Sorriso restaurant in Prima Porta, Andrew devours the symbolic Roman rigatoni carbonara dish topped with Rome's crowning jewel: pecorino Romano cheese, before seeing where the cheese comes from. Andrew is granted entry to the highly-guarded Brunelli cheese factory, where he gets a first-hand look at how the iconic Roman food is preserved and slow-aged for four months. Did we mention the factory is located inside of Etruscan-Roman tufa caves from the first century B.C.? Andrew heads to Velavevodetto restaurant, where chef Flavio De Maio makes him a formerly-illegal dish from the intestines of a young lamb that's never eaten grass, only its mother's milk. Andrew also eats lamb brains, lung, kidney and liver, and artichokes prepared Jewish-style. On the historic Tiber River, once the primary food source for many poor Romans, Andrew meets up with the city's last remaining eel fisherman and learns the dying art of his craft. They take their catch to a friend Irene's house, where Irene fixes lunch for her neighbors every single day, just as she's done for most of her life. Today, classic Roman culture and cuisine, steeped in a rich tradition is once again the keystone of the city itself.


They may be hitting some bumps in the road but a downturn in the economy isn't slowing down the people in the Motor City. Despite the recent hard times, residents of Detroit, both old and new, continue to fuel their city with love and pride,especially true when it comes to the food. From soul food recipes like oxtails and okra, to classic Lebanese lamb brain sandwiches with an American twist, to meat cooked on the engine of a lawnmower, Andrew finds out that the mix of cultures in Detroit is more than enough to rev up his appetite!

New Jersey, Pigs Blood & Paprikash

Andrew finds out that some amazing things are growing in America's Garden State. From Filipino favorites to an iconic local breakfast meat to a new breed of oyster, New Jersey is home to some surpising flavors!


Andrew delves deep into the rainforest of the South American country of Suriname where he will encounter wild jungle animals that he's never tasted or ever heard of before. His journey will take him to two remote villages and on an expedition through dense wilderness to hunt for food. From fishing for piranha to making bread from a poisonous plant to tasting a rodent-like rabbit, Andrew will experience some of the old traditions and new foods that make the culture in Suriname truly unique.

Dallas: Red Meat & Rattlesnakes

Andrew explores the big and bold flavors of Dallas and Fort Worth. From the traditional to the unexpected, he finds that people in this part of Texas take an adventurous approach to food. Different regions of Texas are known for different types of barbecue, and fortunately for Andrew, they can all be found in the Dallas Fort Worth area, if you know where to look. Magazine editor and BBQ cookbook author Daniel Vaughn takes Andrew to some of the area's best BBQ joints, beginning with Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ. They specialize in hot and fast Hill Country Style barbecue, including a big pork chop that Andrew says is great! Next, it's the low and slow style of East Texas over at Odom's BBQ where Andrew orders his meal soaking wet with sauce. It's a perfect marriage of meat and sauce! Over at Lockhart's Smokehouse, their specialty is Central Texas style barbecue, which means it's smoked over post oak and has a beautiful black bark. Their beef shoulder clod is nothing short of spectacular! A shared border with Mexico has influenced the cooking across the state and Andrew gets to experience the traditional South Texas barbacoa when he's invited to cook with Chef Tim Byres. They go to the backyard behind his restaurant where they spend all day roasting a whole cow head in an underground pit. There's also heart and tongue cooked in a pot giving it a flavor Andrew can only describe as superb beefiness. Andrew is introduced to multiple layers of fine craftsmanship when he meets the Rojas family. In addition to a gun shop where firearms are hand-tooled family patriarch Arturo Rojas, the family owns the Revolver Taco Lounge where all the authentic Michoacan food is made by his wife Juanita and other family members. Andrew enjoys moronga, a blood sausage with goat intestines and heart and birria de chiva, young goat stew. The cooking and flavor combine to make the most perfect expression young goat can have! In the suburbs outside Dallas, Andrew gets the authentic taste of another culture when he is invited to dinner with a group of immigrants from Thailand. Pastor Ponnatee Nittayapume from the Southern Baptist Church brings Andrew along for a shopping trip where the cooks for the meal, Pat and Amy, pick some fresh ingredients for a meal that includes shrimp paste made with giant water bugs, preserved duck eggs, and chicken feet. It's a treat for Andrew since he gets to dine on some of his favorite Thai dishes that he can't order in a restaurant. Hunting is a way of life in Texas so Andrew's next stop is at a game ranch where Chef Tim Love takes him hunting. Although they come up empty, Chef Tim brings Andrew to one of his restaurants where they sample some of the game meat on the menu. They eat venison backstrap and a paella made with rabbit and rattlesnake sausage. Andrew calls it superb! And finally, Andrew gets a glimpse inside the DFW's Russian culture when he visits a Russian banya where he enjoys a sauna, a bath, and some authentic food. After sweating it out and cooling off in a bath, Andrew dines on delights like cured salmon roe and herring in a fur coat, which is diced fish with grated carrots, beets, and eggs. It's salty, fishy, cured, oily goodness that Andrew describes as great. The banya is a great way to end Andrew's trip to Dallas Fort Worth where the food is bold and the people have adventurous spirit!

New Orleans

Andrew makes a trip to the Big Easy where the food and the culture are a mix of Southern tradition and modern influence. From the bayous to Bourbon Street, New Orleans is a unique food city with a variety of flavors that pull from classic recipes to new twists on old favorites. So whether it's classic Cajun comfort foods like stuffed pig stomach, frog sauce picante, or smoked raccoon served with a side of live jazz, Andrew is ready to experience all the sights, sounds, and tastes the make New Orleans a city like no other!

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