Cuba: A Photo Essay

Experience the culture, vintage cars, food and people of Cuba. 

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National Capitol Building

Often referred to as the twin of the U.S. Capitol, Havana's National Capitol Building houses members of the National Assembly and Communist Party.

Havana's Chinatown

Known as Barrio Chino de la Habana, it's one of the oldest Chinatowns in Latin America.

Havana, 1950

This picture captures what Havana looked like before the embargo -- note the cars and narrow streets.

Havana, Present Day

Present-day Cuba still features vintage cars but an increase in tourism from the U.S. and around the world.

The Music Never Ends in Cuba

Local musicians play on the streets of Old Havana in the capital of Cuba.

Weathered Havana

Old and weathered architecture is a common sight in Havana.


The remains of a joyeria, or jewelry store, that was ruined during Cuba’s Communist revolution.

Local Produce for Sale in Trinidad, Cuba

Farmers sell their fresh produce either on the streets or in state markets throughout Cuba. The Cuban government pays a percentage to each farmer based on the amount they sell.

Cuba's Coco Taxis

Named after a coconut because of their body style, Cuba's Coco Taxis are like auto-rickshaws transporting locals and tourists throughout Havana.


Local students do their morning exercises. Cuba takes the health and wellness of its children very seriously.

A Vibrant Havana

The vibrancy and beauty of Havana, Cuba, is unmistakable. Rent a vintage American car to immerse yourself in the complete experience. A driver is required.

Che Guevara

The Ministry of the Interior building in Havana flies the Cuban flag. An image of the late Che Guevara, a prominent revolutionary figure and minister of industry is on the facade.

Plaza de Armas

The main tourist square in Havana, Plaza de Armas, has served as the location for ceremonies and military events since the end of the 16th century.

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