Mozambique's Food and Culture in Pictures

Explore the beautiful coastline of East Africa’s Mozambique. Home to outstanding cuisine -- some say the best in Africa.

Located in East Africa, Mozambique is nestled against the Indian Ocean and is home to 23 million people.

The traditions and colors of Mozambique are some of the prettiest in Africa.

Coconut milk is a staple item used in several Mozambican dishes that have origins not only in Africa but in Brazil, India and Asia.

There is an abundance of seafood along the coast (pictured here: giant crayfish). Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to transport the seafood to the interior. The cost of refrigeration and transportation is so high that much of the colorful and delicious seafood is mainly available in restaurants along the coast.

Giant prawns are a popular dish -- basted with butter and grilled to perfection.

A popular local dish: tiger prawns and a staple made from ground maze, which resembles the West's popular Southern dish of shrimp and grits.

The famous Peri Peri grilled chicken is smothered in the popular Peri Peri sauce. On a recent trip to Mozambique, Tony Bourdain found himself savoring each bite.
"Why is the food so good here?" -- Tony Bourdain

A close-up of the Peri Peri pepper (left), which is the main ingredient in the Peri Peri sauce that also consists of peanut oil, tomato, minced garlic and lemon juice (right).

Vasco da Gama arrived in Mozambique in 1498 in search of the spice route to Indian.

Beira, Mozambique -- worth a visit, even if just to see the massive beached ships.

Marginal (beach promenade), located in Maputo (Mozambique’s capitol and largest city) is a popular place after work and school to hang-out with friends and grab a bite to eat.

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