Miami's Art Deco District

South Beach's Art Deco District claims the largest concentration of 1920s and 1930s architecture in the world, drawing visitors all over to revel in Miami's retro-fabulous style.
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The Fairmont

Fairwind Hotel and Suites (previously Fairmont Hotel) is a well-known landmark in Miami’s Art Deco District, located within walking distance of Ocean Drive and a block from the beach.

Waldorf Towers Hotel

The Waldorf Towers is a classic 1930s hotel that was completely renovated, and is located on Ocean Drive in the heart of the Art Deco district.

Art Deco Gap

January is Art Deco Month in Miami with special architectural events and tours happening all month. But, you can take an Art Deco tour led by historians and architects from the Miami Design Preservation League any time of the year.

Tropical Deco

Miami Beach architects used beach imagery to create what we now call Tropical Deco. These buildings feature relief ornamentation with whimsical touches of flora and ocean-liner motifs to reinforce Miami Beach’s seaside resort feel.

Sagamore Hotel

Sagamore Hotel, a boutique hotel officially known as The Art Hotel, is a cultural centerpiece in Miami’s Art Deco Historic District and located directly on the beach.

The Tides

Situated in the heart of Ocean Drive, the Tides Hotel towers over the beach as the tallest Art Deco hotel on the strip. Built during the Depression, it was recently renovated from its original 115 rooms into 45 spacious suites, all boasting an amazing ocean view.

Jerry's Famous Deli

Designed by Henry Hohauser, Jerry’s Famous Deli was originally called Hoffman’s Cafeteria in 1940. This Art Deco landmark has a soft curved façade, showcasing the streamline modern design style.

Ocean Motif

Architects chose Art Deco for its affordable yet distinctive design when middle-class tourists started coming to Miami in the 1930s and more hotels needed to be built. An antidote to the gloom of the Great Depression, the look was cheerful and clean, with whimsical ocean motif touches.

Ocean Drive

The signature examples of the quirky Art Deco style are mostly along 3 parallel streets -- Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue -- from about 6th to 23rd streets.

The Colony Hotel

One of the most photographed Art Deco hotels along famed South Beach, The Colony Hotel is a renovated 1939 hotel that echoes the classic Miami Beach design style from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Neon and More Neon

Just a few of the architectural traits that define Art Deco are its symmetry, glass blocks, round porthole windows, curved edges and use of neon lighting both inside and out.

Society Cleaners

Society Cleaners, a Coral Gables landmark built in 1954, keeps its original Art Deco look, and continues to have a loyal clientele that comes from as far away as the Bahamas and Palm Beach.

The Park Central Hotel

Known as "The Blue Jewel" along Miami Beach's famed Ocean Drive, The Park Central Hotel is an oceanfront, pastel-hued Art Deco hotel where retro charm meets modern luxury.

The 11th Street Diner

South Beach's world-recognized Art Deco Design District includes a shiny, stainless-steel, beautifully-restored diner, the 11th Street Diner. The diner was actually built in New Jersey in the 1940s. In the early 1990s, it was moved to South Beach, where it has become an icon of the Art Deco era.

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