The Layover: Miami Pictures

See pictures from Anthony Bourdain's Layover in Miami.
Episode: Miami

Anthony Bourdain waits for his favorite tattoo artist Chris Garver inside the Love Hate Tattoo Studio on South Beach.

Captain Frank explains some of the unknown details about the legacy of Stiltsville to Anthony Bourdain and Michael Schwartz.

Anthony Bourdain drives through South Beach in a red Corvette convertible arranged by The Raleigh Hotel.

Anthony Bourdain and Chris Garver enjoy amazing food and conversation while dining al fresco at Garcia's Seafood restaurant.

Anthony Bourdain and Michael Schwartz head over to the Grill Master Café and order a frita cubana.

Anthony Bourdain speaks to artist Miguel Paredes about living in Miami.

Tattoo Artist Chris Garver does a few sketches of tattoos for Tony before their actual appointment.

Miami has one of, if not the best, skylines on the East Coast to witness the sunrise and sunset over the water.

Anthony Bourdain orders ginger brussels sprouts from one food truck that is an Asian fusion "dim ssam a gogo."

La Perrada de Edgar has more than 20 individual hot dog combinations and additional Colombian sodas, juices, tamales, arepas and more.

Chris Garver, originally from Pittsburgh , has been living and working in Miami for more than 5 years and is now considered a local.

The Miami Jai-Alai is a high velocity sport that is currently only found and played in South Florida. Many locals watch games and place bets on their favorite teams.

Anthony Bourdain looks like he's never left home, sitting easy on the SoHo-inspired art installation by Miguel Paredes in the art district.

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