Baggage Battles: Florida Pictures

The Baggage Battles team is in Florida at the world’s largest airport auction. Mark and Billy have their sights set on a compound bow, while Laurence and Sally target luxury luggage.
Episode: Florida

Billy and the Baggage Battles team head to Florida for the Miami International Airport auction. Nearly 1,000 bags go unclaimed each month at the airport.

Mark explains his strategy for examining bags during the Miami airport auction preview.

Both Billy and Mark are intrigued by the compound bow set. How much is each willing to bid? Who will take it home?

Sally inspects one of the bags at the Miami airport auction preview. Bidders are allowed to look and touch the bags, but they are not allowed to open them.

Billy closely examines a brass bust at the preview. Billy isn't sure who the statue is of or who made it, but he sure does want it!

Once the preview is over, Billy and other bidders take their seats to get ready for the start of the auction. One of the Baggage Battles cameramen gets ready to capture the action.

Laurence and Sally take their seats as well. The Miami International Airport auction is only held twice a year so many people come out for the event.

Laurence celebrates his winning bid by throwing his arms in the air and blowing his whistle. Think he got the attention of the auctioneer?

Once the bidding is done, Mark pays for and picks up his items. Hope they hold treasure instead of trash!

Laurence and Sally also check out and pay for their items. Wonder what their winning bags hold?

Mark gathers his winning items and prepares to open the luggage to see what's inside.

Sally and Laurence open one of their won bags. Sally can't help but laugh when she sees what's inside.

Laurence plays a tune on the ukulele that he and Sally bought at the Miami auction.

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