Baggage Battles: Atlanta Pictures

The auction specialists are in Atlanta to bid on items at a unique unclaimed freight auction.
Episode: Atlanta
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Billy, Mark, Laurence and Sally travel to Atlanta to compete with hundreds of buyers to take home some of the 700 pallets up for bid in the freight auction.

The auction staff holds a rally before the event starts to psych themselves up for the day ahead.

Billy takes a different approach and kicks back with his cigar to get ready to take on the other bidders, including Mark, Laurence and Sally, in the auction.

Every year in the US, truckers transport approximately $671 billion worth of shipped goods. When this property gets lost in transit or undelivered, it is reclassified as "unclaimed freight" and sent to the major monthly auction in Atlanta. Items, such as bowling balls, laptops and even new cars, sell to the highest bidder.

Laurence starts off with an early victory and doesn't hide his joy in winning one of the pallets.

Billy is determined not to be outbid, even if it means causing a little bit of a scene.

Sally and Laurence discuss whether or not they should bid on the car that is up for auction.

Even when they disagree, Sally and Laurence make such a cute couple!

Sally, Laurence and Mark are happy they made it through the auction. They each took home some of the pallets. Wonder if they hold any treasures?

Mark pays for his won items and signs the paperwork so he can take his pallets home.

Billy rolls his military cases outside for closer inspection after the Atlanta auction.

Before he starts checking out his cases, Billy takes a smoke break.

Mark is happy with his purchase of specialized tools. He is sure that he can sell them for double the amount he paid. Nice profit!

Laurence and Sally find a box of candles in one of their winning pallets.

Mark discovers an original fold-out model tape measure in his tool pallet. Wonder how much it is worth?

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