Baggage Battles: Breaking the Bank Pictures

Go behind the scenes with the auction specialists as they travel to Atlanta, where hundreds of freights come and go daily. The specialists bid on cargo from some of those freights.
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Photo By: Crusham Media

Mark and Billy share a laugh as they wait for the word -- Action!

Amid the auction action, Laurence and Sally take a moment to talk strategy.

Mark gives the camera a smile, no doubt happy with his current surroundings -- a variety of wrapped items up for bid.

Sally contemplates some camouflage attire at the auction.

Laurence tests a lounger during the auction preview.

Billy's not all business on auction day in Atlanta, as he shares a laugh with a member of the auction staff.

Mark examines an item in a crate during the auction preview.

Competitors and colleagues: Mark, Laurence and Sally.

Billy finds 2 popular characters during auction preview: the Cat in the Hat and the Tasmanian Devil.

Laurence and Sally move out into the Atlanta heat, ready to dive into their auction winnings.

Billy takes a seat during a break in the action as Laurence and Sally stand nearby.

Sometimes you win things at auctions you just don't need. Billy prepares to hurl a valueless item that he found in his auction winnings.

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