15 Essentials for Your Next Vacation

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Cute carry-ons? Adorable beach towels? Smart camera accessories? Check, check and check.

Hardside Suitcase Set

With a suitcase as cute as this, you'll look forward to packing for your upcoming trip. The 28-inch piece was designed by artist and world-traveler Justina Blakeney and has several smart details to make traveling as easy and efficient as possible. For example, in addition to 360-degree spinning wheels, the case boasts a retractable handle and a side carry handle, so you can easily maneuver your luggage through the airport. Shop the set to get the matching carry-on; both pieces have a tropical-print lining that's pretty much guaranteed to get you in a vacation-ready mindset.

Floral Diaper Bag

If you're gearing up for a trip with little ones in tow, you'll want a diaper bag that has ample storage and frees up your hands. We recommend the Gwendolyn, a spacious (and stylish) floral backpack with various compartments for bottles, snacks, diapers, wipes, etc. You'll have everyone wondering if you're a mom or an Instagram model when they see this baby on your back.

Traveling Party Luggage Tag

Let everyone know that the party has arrived with this bright pink luggage tag. A belt-like loop secures the tag to your suitcase, while the bold text ensures that you'll be the first to spot your luggage at Baggage Claim. And if you're spending your vacation abroad? You'll probably want to pick up the matching passport holder — just a guess.

Hanging Accessory Organizer

Savvy travelers won't leave home without this hanging accessory organizer. The case contains four detachable zip pouches, which can be used to store makeup, bath products and sunglasses. When you're ready to go, simply fold the case up and slip it into your duffel. Then, once you've arrived at your hotel, you can use the top hook to hang the organizer in the closet or bathroom.

Tech Organizer

It's almost too easy to lose track of your cell phone, small tablet and charging cords in the shuffle of airport security. Our advice? Grab this tech organizer, which conveniently has a slot for each item and can be pulled out at a moment's notice. We have a feeling that even TSA will be impressed when they see this.

AirPods Case + Carabiner

You probably won't forget to pack your AirPods if they're already attached to your bag. Crafted from genuine leather, this sophisticated case comes with a brass carabiner so you can clip your AirPods onto your purse and not think twice about losing them.

Rainbow Neck Pillow

A trip to paradise definitely calls for a comfy plane ride. We suggest snagging this super-soft and stylish neck pillow, which will cushion the window and help you catch some Zs during your flight. Once you reach your destination, use the drawstring ties to secure the pillow to your luggage.

Hot Pink Belt Bag

Say what you will, but fanny packs are still around for a reason. Lean into the tourist look with this neon-pink pack. The lightweight, nylon shell has a zip top that will safeguard your valuables while you're out sightseeing.

Insta-Worthy Beach Towel

Forget to set that out-of-office message before you left town? Not to worry. With "Wish You Were Here" written in script, this trendy beach towel will do the talking for you. Snap a pic and share to Instagram, so your coworkers know you didn't forget them. (And to expect some delays in your correspondence.)

Photo By: Urban Outfitters

Chill Watermelon Cooler

It's 2019, and we're happy to report that coolers have finally gotten the style upgrade they deserve. If you're planning to sip your troubles away on a beach, snag this sweet watermelon-shaped cooler. The microfiber bag will keep your drinks cold, while the leatherette handles will fit snugly over your shoulder.

Beach Sounds Bluetooth Radio

Okay, how cool is this? Shaped like a little lunchbox and decked out with a cool, palm-leaf pattern, this Bluetooth radio actually contains a secret compartment for all of your valuables. Now you can jam out on the beach and ensure that your keys, phone and wallet won't wander off.

Reusable Glass Water Bottle

Whether you're out sightseeing or soaking up some sun, it's convenient to have a water bottle nearby. This one is made from glass and has a loop on the screw-top lid, so you can secure the bottle to your backpack and fill it up as needed. We especially love the delicate, pressed flower details.

Phone Tripod

You know that awkward moment when you want a group pic with your friends, but you don't want to ask a stranger to take it? We get it, and we've found the perfect solution: a small tripod for your cell phone. This one has three flexible legs (so you can adjust the tripod's height and get the best angles) and even comes with a wireless remote that's compatible with Bluetooth.

Instax Mini Photo Pouch

If you're planning to take an Instax Mini on your trip, then do yourself a favor and add this photo pouch to your packing list. Thanks to a small snap button, the pouch clips right onto your camera strap. Now you have a place to put all of your pics, where they won't get scratched or bent.

All-in-One Adapter

Imagine traveling all the way to Europe only to discover that you don't have the right plug for the local outlets. Spare yourself some stress and toss this all-in-one adapter into your suitcase. Each prong is labeled with its corresponding countries for your convenience.

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