This Teddy Bear Can Tell You If Your House Is Haunted

There's one special bear that can offer you more than cuddly companionship.

December 22, 2022

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Brown teddy bear, sitting in sun streams.


Brown teddy bear, sitting in sun streams.

Photo by: Catherine Falls Commercial

Catherine Falls Commercial

Teddy Bears, the classic squishable companion, are named for President Theodore Roosevelt, who famously declined to shoot a trapped bear during a hunt in Mississippi in 1902.

As the story of Roosevelt’s unwillingness to take what he called "an unsportsmanlike shot" circulated the country, New York City businessman Morris Michtom was inspired to make a small stuffed bear he called "Teddy’s Bear."

With Roosevelt’s blessing — and doubts that the toy would ever be popular — Michtom went on to manufacture more of the bears and establish his own toy companies.

Teddy bears were everywhere by 1908 and quickly became a classic children’s toy. The original teddy bear created by Morris Michtom is now housed at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

There’s one kind of teddy bear, however, that you may not want to add to your collection.

The BooBuddy is a ghost-hunting teddy bear designed to accompany ghost hunters on their investigations. It is used as a trigger object to entice spirits to interact during a paranormal investigation. Its hidden, onboard electronic equipment collects information about the environment around the bear.

BUY IT: Amazon, $399.99

BooBuddy is an original creation of Ghost Stop, a Florida-based paranormal equipment store offering EMF meters, EVP recorders, ghost boxes, cameras, recorders, and more. The BooBuddy is loaded with equipment that can alert you to changes in electromagnetic frequency and temperature. It also detects motion within the room and can ask questions of the spirits or entities it detects nearby. Users can preset which phrases or questions BooBuddy is allowed to say when interacting with the supernatural realm.

The bear can also sense vibration and will light up if it detects any shifts from the baseline environment.

BooBuddy comes in two sizes with different technical specs. BooBuddy Jr, the first iteration of the bear, contains only an EMF reader that causes the bear’s paws to light up. The latest iteration of the BooBuddy is fully equipped to function as a paranormal investigation partner.


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