5 Paranormal Podcasts We Can’t Get Enough Of

These creepy podcasts put the eerie right into your ears.

Key art for podcasts clockwise from top left to right: Pop Paranormal and Urban Legends with the Ghost Brothers. From bottom left to right: Mysteries at the Museum, A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth, and The Dead Files.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

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If it’s not enough to binge our Ghostober content on discovery+, you can take creepy content with you wherever you go. Our top paranormal experts dive into all things paranormal, including haunted objects, vengeful poltergeists, and riveting investigations.

Urban Legends With The Ghost Brothers

The Atlanta-based Ghost Brothers — Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey — are dedicated to uncovering what’s lurking in some of America’s most haunted investigations, but in their podcast, they take a deep dive into America’s urban legends. Will Bloody Mary really appear in the mirror if you say her name three times? Is an escaped asylum patient named Cropsey haunting Staten Island? The team discusses the origins of the urban legends as well as witness accounts and plausible explanations.

A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth

Eli Roth, a horror movie director, producer, and screenwriter known for films Cabin Fever, Hostel, and Knock-Knock, sits down to discuss real-life hauntings in the A Ghost Ruined My Life podcast. Based on the discovery+ series, the podcast features interviews with people who were changed forever after encountering the supernatural.

Mysteries at the Museum

No time to watch Dan Wildman examine some of history’s most notorious relics? Subscribe to the Mysteries at the Museum podcast, where you can hear direct audio from the show as Wildman tries to understand the origins of civilization, the progress of technology, and history's biggest mysteries by examining the world’s strangest artifacts.

Pop Paranormal

Karama Horne and Chuck Collins team up to discuss all things horror and pop culture in weekly episodes that discuss things like the differences in the movie and book versions of The Shining, the 80s pop culture references in Stranger Things, and how Close Encounter of the Third Kind inspired Jordan Peele’s movie, Nope.

The Dead Files

Physical medium Amy Allan and retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi have been investigating the paranormal together since 2011. DiSchiavi brings his police background to paranormal cases where he looks into the facts at hand and the history of the haunted locale while Allan reaches out to the spirits who can’t seem to move on. The podcast features direct show audio as the duo tries to help families understand who or what is haunting them.

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