Police Have Dismantled a ‘UFO Detector’ Discovered in a New Jersey Forest

It wasn’t a close encounter of the third kind, but an unidentified person in New Jersey apparently attempted to make contact with a UFO in the spring.

August 25, 2021
UFO detecting device found in a New Jersey park

A "UFO Detecting Device" was discovered in a New Jersey State Park, and was successfully “disarmed" by park police. [via New Jersey State Park Police]

A "UFO Detecting Device" was discovered in a New Jersey State Park, and was successfully “disarmed" by park police. [via New Jersey State Park Police]

New Jersey State Park Police removed a strange device that was discovered in the Wharton State Forest in April.

The device, which was labeled with a tag that read “UFO detector site #448” was discovered on Saw Dust Pile Road, according to the NJ Park Police Facebook page.

Authorities were called to the scene where they encountered an orange pole attached to a block of wood. There was a soup can sitting on the wood block, and a headphone cord connected the soup can and the wood, according to Newsweek.

It was unclear if there was anything in the soup can.

A K-9 called to the scene determined there was nothing dangerous about the device.

“The device was carefully "disarmed" by NJ State Park Police personnel by unplugging the headphone wire from the block of wood and the soup can it was plugged into,” NJPP said.

Wharton State Forest is located in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, a massive area known for various paranormal and unexplained phenomena. The barrens are reportedly home to the infamous Jersey Devil, but residents also report frequent UFO sightings in the area.

The National UFO Reporting Center catalogs UFO sightings, In October 2020, there was a sighting reported in Wharton State Forest.

“I have video (of four) circular lights moving back (and) forth and up and down,” an anonymous poster reported. Could the anonymous poster be the same person who left the UFO detector?

So far, there have been more than three dozen UFO sightings reported in New Jersey in 2021.

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