See Batman Movie Locations

Moviegoers scoping out film locations from the blockbuster movie Dark Knight Rises -- look no further! Take a look at the real places captured in the final movie of the Batman trilogy.

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Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall, a country house in Nottingham, England, was the film location for Wayne Manor. It is open to the public, but don’t expect Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, to greet you at the door.

Carnegie Mellon University

The prison breakout and brawl scene between Gotham City police officers and escaped prisoners was captured here at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Scenes were filmed at the university’s Software Engineering Institute and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research.

The Farmiloe Building

Where did director Christopher Nolan film the Gotham City Police Department scenes? They were shot here at the Farmiloe Building in London.

Queensboro Bridge

Moviegoers witnessed explosions on bridges leading into and out of Gotham City. Action scenes and some of the faux explosion scenes were shot here on the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan.

Wall Street

Wall Street, NYC’s financial district, was the backdrop for the over-the-top battle scenes between Batman and his arch nemesis, Bane.

Mehrangarh Fort

Spoiler alert! Battered and bruised Bruce Wayne aka Batman was one of only 2 people to crawl from a prison pit staged here at Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India.

Turda Saline

Travel to Turda Saline, Romania -- a salt mine rumored to be the location of the Dark Knight’s infamous batcave.

Heinz Field

Director Christopher Nolan used Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field to film a memorable movie scene. In The Dark Knight Rises, diabolical villain Bane sets off underground bombs that cause the football field to collapse under the feet of the football players, while fans watch in disbelief.

Trump Tower

Not surprisingly, Trump Tower, located in Midtown Manhattan, was the film location for Wayne Enterprises’ headquarters -- where Bane and his motley crew unexpectedly take over the company.

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