Ultimate Family Travel

Pack up the family because Travel Channel is counting down the best family adventures, from a $100 tangle with alligators to a $57,000 Titanic voyage.
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Photo By: Jack W. Peters

Our first family adventure is at the Colorado Gator Farm. It's the only educational farm in the US that encourages people to come and learn how to handle gators. The Jones family decided to take on the challenge.

Ashley works with instructor Josh Stokely to learn the ins and outs of handling gators of all sizes.

A trip like this is not glamorous; expect to get dirty fishing the alligators out of the ponds. In the end it can be rewarding! The Jones family couldn't be happier to show off their gator handling skills.

The Cortes family boards the legendary America's Cup yacht, Stars & Stripes, for an adventure on the high seas.

Alexis and Jizelle Cortes take control of the Stars & Stripes yacht.

Silvia Cortes has a private massage at Hotel del Coronado. The family also enjoyed a 5-star meal prepared by a private chef and a relaxing evening under the stars at their personal beach fire pit complete with handmade s’mores. Yum!

For a skiing adventure, families travel to Jackson Hole, WY, to get a private ski lesson from Olympic champion Tommy Moe. After, he takes the whole gang out on the slopes; he knows the runs better than anyone else since he lives there.

If becoming one with nature is your idea of fun, then camping in trees is something to try. Father-son duo Mark and Griffin Reinecke head to Eugene, OR, to sleep among the Douglas fir trees.

Mark and Griffin climb 250 feet (it takes an hour) to get to the top of a 600-year-old Douglas fir. Their treeboat is complete with cots for their overnight stay.

Jason Seppa, an instructor with the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute, trained Mark and Griffin for their journey to the treestops. He was also on-hand to make sure they made it up the 250 feet safely.

The Llopis family participates in the Club Med Sandpiper Bay's circus academy in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Students at the circus academy learn to walk the tight rope, tumble on the trampoline, juggle like a clown and fly through the air on the 2-story outdoor flying trapeze. At the end they perform for other guests.

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