Diner Paradise

There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned meal at an all-American diner to rekindle your memories of the glory days.
By: Laurel D'Agenais
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There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned meal at an all-American diner to rekindle your memories of the glory days. From classic jukeboxes to frothy milkshakes, diners have become iconic fixtures in American culinary culture. So grab your nickels for the jukebox and lace up those blue-suede shoes -- you're headed to Diner Paradise. 

Modern Diner
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Rhode Island is where the American diner got started. In fact, Modern Diner in Pawtucket, RI, is the most famous of all the futuristic, railway-car diners. The breakfast at Modern Diner is what keeps patrons coming back for more. From fruit-filled waffles to lobster Benedict, there is a breakfast for every taste. Although Modern Diner shut down for seven years starting in 1978, the diner was repurchased at auction and restored to its former glory.

Rosie's Diner
Rockford, Michigan
Since 1946, Rosie's Diner has been serving up hearty, home-style meals to hungry patrons. The shimmering stainless steel, both inside and out, gives Rosie's Diner a classic appeal. Rosie's is not only famous for its food, but for the 18-hole miniature golf course located directly behind the diner.

Empire Diner
New York, New York
The 1920s railcar known as Empire Diner has been a fixture in the artsy community of Chelsea for decades. The 24-hour, art deco diner combines classic American comfort food with its own touch of metropolitan flair, including a full bar.

Ed Debevic's Diner
Chicago, Illinois
Ed Debevic's Diner is famous for its simple and fun diner food, like hot dogs, meat loaf and milkshakes. Set in a classic, 1950s decor, Ed Debevic's is not only well-known for its food, but for its servers. Each server maintains a rude, gum-chewing, fast-talking character. Patrons are even encouraged to talk back to their "rude" waiter. Don't get offended -- it's all in good fun. 

Fog City Diner
San Francisco, California
If you are looking for a classic diner setting with a gourmet twist, head to Fog City Diner in San Francisco. Here you can order a burger made with the finest beef around. Even the french fries are hand-cut to satisfy even the most discriminating foodie. The Diner is also known for its Bloody Marys and its elaborate raw bar.

Baltimore, Maryland
Located in Baltimore's Remington neighborhood, Papermoon's unique design has been luring curious patrons through its doors since 1994. The entire diner is decorated from floor to ceiling with toys. From Pez dispensers to action figures, no space is left undecorated with vintage, childhood charm. Papermoon also draws an eclectic crowd, from families to art students. Though the atmosphere is as untraditional as it gets, the food is classic. From meat loaf to french toast, Papermoon serves up a little something for everyone.

Napa Valley Wine Train
Napa Valley, California
Although most diners were designed to look like real railroad cars, the Napa Valley Wine Train is as authentic as it gets. On the Wine Train, guests can enjoy their fine wine while viewing the lush landscape of Napa Valley. Each brunch, lunch or dinner excursion lasts 3 hours and spans 36 miles from Napa Valley to Saint Helena, CA. So if you are looking for the full diner experience without sacrificing comfort and luxury, hop onboard the Napa Valley Wine Train for a little adventure.

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