South African Hangover Cure: Ostrich Omelet

Cure your South African hangover with a ostrich omelet.
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The traditional dish for a South African hangover is an ostrich omelet. The egg is enormous -- equivalent to 2 dozen chicken eggs -- so it’s good to have a mass of hungover friends to share it.

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A South African ostrich omelet is equal to 24 eggs, so bring a big whisk.

South Africa’s signature drinks, such as an amarula cream or an African beer made from maize or sorghum, will send you searching for a hangover cure. The traditional dish for an unpleasant morning after in South Africa is an omelet made with an ostrich egg. The egg is enormous -- equivalent to 2 dozen chicken eggs -- so it’s good to have a mass of hungover friends to share it.


Ostrich egg


Crack the egg, whisk it in a bowl, and cook it (in small portions, if needed) with butter in a pan at medium heat.

Season it with salt, pepper and parsley, and serve it with a parsley garnish.
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