Big Beef Paradise

Americans love beef, and sometimes, bigger is better. Big Beef Paradise travels across the country in search of the largest, juiciest and most succulent slabs of meat fit for the Flintstones.
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At Kelsey’s in Valparaiso, IN, if you are "man" enough to finish this hunk of meat then you’ll go home with a prize.

At Big-Ass Sandwiches in Portand, OR, a customer takes a bite out of a large, juicy, delectable sandwich.

Filled with hot fries, beef and more, that is one Big-Ass sandwich.

If you're ready for the ultimate beef bonanza, head over to Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee.

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and patrons come from all around to devour Riscky's Barbeque ribs in Ft. Worth.

Bison burgers have continued to pop up on menus across America as a healthier alternative to beef burger. Try one at Tweeds in Riverhead, NY.

The special "secret" to the beef used in the Big-Ass sandwiches? They need to be red and juicy.

Next time you're in San Francisco and craving a big meal, head over to Incanto, where their specialty is a whole beef shank also known as the "Leg of Beast."

Lunch in Valparaiso, IN, tends to be one of Kelsey’s popular sandwiches and freshly made potato chips.

Steak for dinner? Kelsey's Steak and Seafood serves up one of the largest cuts of steak around.

While they may be known for their "Leg of Beast," there are other delicious options to choose from at Incanto, an Italian eatery.

The "Leg of Beast" at Incanto feeds 6, but if you are hungry enough for a whole leg you better make arrangements ahead of time. It takes 3 full days to prepare this delicacy.

An Italian eatery, Incanto serves a variety of meats.

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