State Fair Foods

State fair foods. Mmm … where to start? Perhaps the deep-fried Oreos, or the freshly made cream puffs? Whatever you decide, we can all agree that state fair foods are the best.
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First stop at the Colorado State Fair: the concession stands where you’ll find deep-fried items like Oreos, cheesecake and peanut butter.

Who doesn't love chocolate? What about bacon dipped in chocolate? Get some at the Famous Dave's stand at the Minnesota State Fair.

A young girl enjoying her sweet corn ice cream from the Blue Moon Dine In Theater at the Minnesota State Fair.

One of the main attractions at the Wisconsin State Fair: freshly made cream puffs on a tray from the Original Cream Puff Pavilion.

Fried bubblegum, a 2011 Big Tex Award winner for most creative food item at the Texas State Fair.

Delicious! The grill at Juicy's stand at the Arizona State Fair.

Feeling brave? Try a "maggot melt" sandwich at Jungle George’s food concession stand at the Colorado State Fair.

Nutty Bar, an Iowa State Fair tradition. Classic vanilla ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts. Try one at the Oasis Concessions.

Minnesota State Fair goers line up at Sweet Martha's Cookies for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. A state fair tradition.

Belgian waffles waiting to be dressed at the Belgian Waffles stand at the State Fair of Texas.

Cardinali's Woodfire Pizza stand is "home of the world’s largest fair food," at the Arizona State Fair.

Cardinali's pizza -- the giant 6-foot pizza is shown off by Cardinali's owners and employees at the Arizona State Fair.

Cattlemen’s Beef Quarter's hot beef sundae is one of the star food items at the Iowa State Fair.

Pounds of ribs are prepped for smoking at Famous Dave's at the Minnesota State Fair.

Blue ribbon brownies, another decadent treat baked at the Original Cream Puff Pavilion at the Wisconsin State Fair.

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