The Cutest Summer Cocktails in America

Make the most of cute summer cocktails with honey bears, rubber duckies, pink flamingoes and more.

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Photo By: Kailley Lindman

Photo By: Ching Tang / MGM Grand

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Photo By: Ritz Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee

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Fish Bowl

The trendy LH Rooftop at LondonHouse Chicago is best enjoyed with friends, and a new cocktail menu caters to groups who want to share. Of these, the adorable Fish Bowl is large enough for four people and is made with Midori, cucumber-infused gin, melon, simple syrup and lemon.

Yu Gardens

The upscale China Tang at MGM Grand Las Vegas is a new addition and the first U.S. location from the Hong Kong-based Lai Sun Group. On first glance, it would be easy to assume this Yu Gardens cocktail is typical tea service, complete with a steaming pot. It's actually a hot cocktail with a mix of rye and apple whiskeys, ginger ale and chrysanthemum tea.

Copper Bunny

Of course a restaurant called Compere Lapin (brother rabbit in French) would serve a cute bunny cocktail. Helmed by acclaimed chef Nina Compton, this destination spot in New Orleans offers the Copper Bunny cocktail in — you guessed it — a copper bunny. The drink is an eclectic mix of vodka, pineapple jalapeno tequila, champagne, ginger and lime. Just be aware that only 12 of these copper bunnies are available at a time, so you might have to wait for that Instagram pic.

Disco Fever

Z Bar is a new rooftop addition at the swanky Peninsula Chicago, offering artfully-crafted cocktails not typically found. Both cute and fun, the Disco Fever is served in a large rotating disco ball and is enough for your entire squad. Expect to have all eyes on your table as you imbibe the mix of vodka, champagne, orange liqueur, passion fruit syrup and lemon juice.

Rubber Ducky

Who says rubber duckies are just for the bathtub? At cocktail bar Elm City Social in New Haven, Conn., customers can order the Rubber Ducky, a combination of hop-infused gin, basil, grapefruit, lemon and sparkling water. A miniature rubber duck is the crowing glory, and yes, you can take your new friend home.

Calpico Cat

San Francisco-based PABU, partly owned by celeb chef Michael Mina, specializes in modern izakaya — think lots of small plates like squid pancakes topped with egg and pork belly. But the food isn’t the only worthwhile feature here. The current cocktail menu draws its inspiration from "Spirited Away", a popular 2001 anime film. Although it’s hard to pick just one, the Calpico Cat consists of mezcal, reposado, vermouth, lemongrass, sencha syrup and Calpico (a Japanese milk-based drink) and served in what might be the world’s cutest cat cup.

Pisco Parrot

Beverage art isn’t limited to coffee anymore. It’s now popping up on craft cocktails at the brand-new Woodpecker by David Burke in New York City. This potent creation consists of pisco, passion fruit, vanilla syrup, egg white, lemon juice and bitters. The restaurant’s signature woodpecker is then stenciled on top as the final flourish.


The Pod Brooklyn Hotel is a newcomer to the Williamsburg scene and part of the Pod Hotel chain. Since the hotel attracts a younger crowd, it’s no surprise to find this impossibly cute pink flamingo container at RFTP, the hotel’s rooftop bar. Dubbed the RFTPunch, this concoction is made with spiced rum and citrus juice and adorable enough to order more than just one.

Honey Bear

Bear-shaped containers aren’t limited to honey, as evidenced by this honey bear glass at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee in Georgia. While the property contains six dining options, you’ll find this squee-worthy drink at Georgia’s, an airy restaurant focusing on Southern specialties. The handcrafted honey bear cocktail contains rum, lemon, honeycomb and Drambuie, a golden-hued blend of Scotch, honey and herbs.

Tipsy Tentacle

The Grass Skirt in San Diego is a popular tiki bar destination, and all the drinks are as fun as the kitschy atmosphere. The Tipsy Tentacle easily wins the cute category. Black rum, biscotti liqueur, lime, pineapple, coconut and banana are all served in a tiki mug, then topped with a smiling banana octopus. Despite the drink’s name, sometimes the bartenders mix it up and swap out the octopus for an equally cute dolphin.


It was only a matter of time before somebody had the bright idea to pour a cocktail into a lightbulb. You can find this one at Tacology in Miami, a Mexican restaurant known for its large selection of tequila and mezcal. The Illumination is a simple cocktail made with smoky mezcal and mangoes (when they’re in season during the summer) and topped with a sprig of mint.

Paris Meets Seoul

You’ll find this adorable Eiffel Tower cocktail glass at Soogil, a new French-Korean restaurant in New York City. The drink’s uncommon ingredients include Hpnotiq, a blue-colored mix of vodka, cognac, fruit juices and makgeoilli, a sparking Korean rice wine with a milky color, along with an energy drink infusion and an egg white for good measure.

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