World's Best Cocktails

Belly up to the bar and discover the world's best cocktails.
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Flavored with spices and warmed to perfection, a glass of mulled wine soothes the spirit.

It's everyone's favorite spicy brunch cocktail, the Bloody Mary.

Grab your beach blanket and bathing suit and hit the sand ' it's frozen daiquiri time.

Not just for the Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep is always a refreshing treat.

Believed to have been invented in Puerto Rico, a Piña Colada hits the spot no matter where you drink it.

Once considered an old-fashioned cocktail, the gimlet is gaining in popularity across America.

Long a favorite in Spain, a fruity glass of sangria is the perfect summer cocktail.

All you really need are tequila, triple sec and lime if you want to visit Margaritaville.

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