Summer Gear Guide 2012

What are this summer's essentials for outdoor fun? An underwater mask that takes video, a cooler with built-in speakers, a stroller for your pet and much more.

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Stand-Up Paddleboard

You don't need to be in Hawaii to experience summer's hottest trend: stand-up paddleboarding. An ancient form of surfing, it's now taking off all over the world since you can try it anywhere there’s water -- no waves required.

Outdoor Movie Projector

Watch movies in your own backyard this summer. The WowWee Cinemin Slice Pico Projector lets you project any multimedia -- movies, video games, TV -- on a blank wall.

High Heel Protector Cap

Think you can't pack high heels for that outdoor wedding or party this summer? SoleMates, allows you to "put on your party shoes" without sinking into the grass.

Emergency Portable Weather Radio

Remember getting caught in a storm while kayaking last summer? You told yourself you'd never let that happen again. With Oregon Scientific's Emergency Portable Weather Radio, you'll always be prepared for bad weather (and you'll always have tunes on-the-go).

Underwater HD Video Mask

Capture crystal-clear video on your next snorkeling diving trip with this Scuba Series Underwater HD Video Mask. With your hands free, you'll be able to swim faster from the menacing-looking stingrays.

Stowaway Backpack

Travel like the pros with the Kiva Bags Packing Genius Stowaway Pack -- a lightweight and comfortable pack that can be quickly stowed away in its own internal pouch.

Pet Stroller

Even Fido needs a little break this summer. Treat your pup to a long and leisurely walk in this pet stroller by Pet Gear, Inc.

Portable Grill

Grill on the go this summer with this portable grill from Cuisinart. Large enough to cook most family meals -- 8 steaks, 8 hamburgers, 6-10 chicken breasts, or over 4 pounds of fish -- you'll be able to feed the entire gang wherever you go this summer.

Protective Case for Kindle

Use your Kindle worry-free this summer at the beach or pool with the splash-proof KlearKase for Kindle.

Waterproof Camera/Phone Case

Protect your camera or cell phone against water with this tough vinyl waterproof bag by Austin House. The fold-over design locks to ensure contents stay dry, so you can have fun in the water with your summer essentials.

Cooler Speaker Tote

Keep your food cool and your music hot this summer with this canvas carry-all cooler from Pottery Barn. With its built-in speakers, you can play music from your smart phone or mp3 device.

Bocce Ball Set

Play a round of bocce at your cookouts this summer -- a perfect activity for outdoor family fun.

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