Ghost Hunters Capture Shocking Video at Race Rock Lighthouse

The Atlantic Paranormal Society investigated unexplained activity at an unmanned lighthouse after the U.S. Coast Guard asked for help.

November 03, 2021
Race Rock Lighthouse, New York

Race Rock Lighthouse, New York

Photo by: Jeremy D'Entremont/Getty Images

Jeremy D'Entremont/Getty Images

Race Rock Lighthouse, New York

Race Rock Lighthouse stands on the eastern end of the Long Island Sound and operated for more than 100 years as a beacon to try and protect ships as they forded the dangerously rough waters where two sounds and the current from the Atlantic Ocean clash together.

In the early 1800s before the lighthouse was constructed, the rocky outcropping surrounded by dangerous riptides and a heavy undertow was the site of at least 8 shipwrecks. One of the accidents killed 45 people.

Construction on the lighthouse began in 1871, and the process was not without its own tragedy. A boat carrying 200 pounds of gunpowder exploded at the construction site, killing some of the workers.

Tragedy struck again in 1885 when lightkeeper Thomas Carroll was on shore leave. A terrible storm blew in and prevented him from making it back to the lighthouse to attend to his duties, but after several days he decided to try rowing back to Race Rock. He never made it. His ghost is one of the ones said to haunt the lighthouse.

In 1939, the U.S. Coast Guard took over operation of the lighthouse, and crews stationed there often reported hearing whispers, laughs, and footsteps around the facility.

The lighthouse was fully automated in 1978, meaning it was no longer necessary for the Coast Guard to be present except for going out to maintain the beacon that still shone to help guide ships through the sound.

Coast Guardsmen sent to the island often found themselves rattled by the supposed paranormal activity, thus the request for The Atlantic Paranormal Society to conduct a full investigation of the lighthouse property and make a determination about its status as haunted.

Their overnight investigation revealed several EMF anomalies, and unexplainable footage caught in the lighthouse’s attic.

See the whole Race Rock Lighthouse episode of Ghost Hunters streaming now on discovery+.

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