Man Discovers Mysterious 'Swamp' Under Trap Door In Vacation Rental Home

An English family’s relaxing weekend retreat turns ‘creepy’ after a series of bizarre events.

July 26, 2021

The Lake District rental had a suspicious old door in the middle of the floor [screenshot via @robertibus/TikTok]

The Lake District rental had a suspicious old door in the middle of the floor [screenshot via @robertibus/TikTok]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

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A man on a weekend retreat with his family documented some strange discoveries they stumbled upon while staying in a vacation rental home in the Lake District in England and shared them on TikTok.

Rob, who goes by the name @robertibus on the social media platform, recently posted several videos he notes were “too spooky not to share.”

In the first, Rob shows TikTok viewers a trap door he found underneath a sofa in the living room.


Not my usual content, but this was too spooky not to share. Was not expecting that! ##spooky ##unexpected ##creepy ##familyholiday 👻

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“Well, sofa moved, and I guess it's time for an adventure,” he says in the footage. “This is not creepy in the slightest.”

As he lifts the wooden door off the floor, he exclaims, “What is this? Oh, my days! That's terrifying.”

Rob descends down a short flight of stone stairs and uses his phone to illuminate a small room with an arched ceiling covered in cobwebs. Below lies a pool of “quite deep” and “very green” water with a drain in the center.

“What creepy a** thing is living in here?” he wonders, joking, “So, turns out, we booked the holiday home of a swamp monster.”

Rob reveals other odd experiences he, his wife, Nat, and their daughter, Arrietty, had while staying in the home.

In a second video, he details how he spent about an hour unsuccessfully searching for the television remote control one night. The next morning, he says, the remote was lying in plain sight on the center of the couch.

“Where the heck did it come from?” he asks.

He then shows a bathroom faucet he says twice spontaneously turned on and began flowing on its own.

In a third video, Rob displays one last odd discovery: a gaping hole in the wall filled with old tools. He then pulls out a note that reads: “Charlotte was here.”


Reply to @catfammo Creepy lakehouse is the gift that keeps on giving 🤦‍♂️👻 #creepy #spooky #whatnext

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs - Skittlegirl Sound

Rob was able to get the answer to at least one of his unexpectedly spooky holiday’s biggest questions — the source of the glowing green pool of water.

“After asking the homeowner, it’s filled with a green dye to determine a water leak with the property next door,” he explained to Newsweek.

Despite that mystery solved, Rob told the outlet the taps turning on and the hole in the wall “added to the overall creepy vibes pretty appropriately.”

“So, I'm sure there's logical explanations for it all, but I must admit the randomly appearing remote has left me a bit stumped,” he said.

“In the end it was an alright weekend away,” he concluded. “The main issue over the weekend wasn't anything to do with anything paranormal, it was the lack of phone signal and the poor WiFi.”

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