Travel Channel Talent Pick Their Dream Celeb Ghost Hunt Guest

It's almost Halloween, and what better way to celebrate spooky season than with a ghost hunt? We asked your Travel Channel favorites who they'd love to take on a ghost hunt and some of the answers may surprise you (Ellen DeGeneres, Morgan Freeman — Betty White?). Read on to find out the dream paranormal pairings of Aaron Goodwin, Jack Osbourne, Amy Bruni and more.

October 21, 2019

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The Cast of 'Supernatural'

“The crew from the TV show Supernatural. They need to see what real investigations are.” - Aaron Goodwin, Ghost Adventures

(His fellow Ghost Adventures crew member Zak Bagans chose a "die-hard Ghost Adventures fan" — how sweet is that?)

“Sheriff Jody Mills from Supernatural.” – Steve DiSchiavi, The Dead Files

Dan Aykroyd

“I would love to investigate with Dan Aykroyd. He is descended from a long line of spiritualists and actually has some serious in-depth knowledge of the history of the paranormal field. I don't know that he does or has done any investigating recently, but it sure would be fun to chat with him.” – Amy Bruni, Kindred Spirits and Haunted Salem: Live

“Dan Aykroyd. He’s a huge paranormal buff and I’d love to throw around different concepts and hear his views and thoughts.” – Jason Hawes, Ghost Nation

“Dan Aykroyd or Bruce Campbell.” – Steve Gonsalves, Ghost Nation

“I would love to and be honored by getting the chance to do an investigation with Dan Aykroyd who happens to be a huge fan of Hans Holzer. Mr. Aykroyd has a long family history going back a few generations of paranormal investigators and researchers in his family.” – Dave Schrader, The Holzer Files and Haunted Salem: Live

Betty White

“Do you even have to ask? Betty White.” – Katrina Weidman, Haunted Salem: Live and Portals to Hell

Morgan Freeman

“Morgan Freeman.” – Billy Tolley, Ghost Adventures

Ellen DeGeneres

"Ellen DeGeneres! She is always scaring people and I love every second of it, but I would love nothing more than to see her attempting to sleep in one of these haunted locations by herself. This would be incredible.”Chelsea Laden, Destination Fear

Joe Rogan

“Joe Rogan. I think it’d be a blast.”– Jack Osbourne, Haunted Salem: Live and Portals to Hell

“I think it would be a blast with Joe Rogan. There would be some awesome conversations and some really funny moments.” – Tanner Wiseman, Destination Fear

Cardi B

“Cardi B, for sure!” – Cindy Kaza, The Holzer Files and Haunted Salem: Live

Tom Hanks

“This is tough. Laurel and Hardy if I had a time machine. Present-day celebrity, I'd say Tom Hanks.” – Dave Tango, Ghost Nation

Aleister Crowley

“I guess you can call him a celebrity, but he’s no longer living. I always thought it would be amazing to ghost hunt with Aleister Crowley. He was definitely able to tap into other realms and I would love to be able to just sit in and observe one of his seances/rituals, and then ghost hunt with him.” – Jay Wasley, Ghost Adventures

Billie Eilish

“I feel like both Billie Eilish and Rezz would be a lot of fun to explore a haunted abandoned building with.” – Dakota Laden, Destination Fear

Stephen King

“Ooh, someone like Stephen King or RL Stine. I would love to take them into our world for a minute.” – Adam Berry, Kindred Spirits and Haunted Salem: Live

Derek Waters

“Derek Waters, the host of Drunk History. He loves the paranormal and is a total blast to hang out with!” – Chip Coffey, Kindred Spirits and Haunted Salem: Live


“Rihanna. Definitely, Rihanna. Listen, even if it’s the only way, I’m going to get a date with her!” – Dalen Spratt, Haunted Salem: Live and Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

Karrueche Tran

“I bet Dalen says Rihanna, so I might as well make it a double-date investigation. I would like Karrueche to join me.” – Juwan Mass, Haunted Salem: Live and Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

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