Crime Tours

What drives evil? Check out these crime tours to explore the darker side of human nature.
By: Lisa Singh

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The human heart is a mystery. It’s been the source of endless speculation by everyone from ancient philosophers to theologians, scientists to the neighborhood shrink. What drives evil? Does evil even exist? Check out these crime tours to explore the darker reaches of the human heart. But beware: You may just get the heebie-jeebies. Do you dare to enter the shadows?

It’s the summer of 1888, and 5 savage murders grip the streets of East London. Relive the terror -- and the mystery -- on a Jack the Ripper walking tour led by “Ripperologist” Richard Jones.
Jack the Ripper Tours

Small-town transplants, with big-time dreams: Few cities ignite the imagination quite like LA -- or have as many stories of ambition gone tragically wrong. Take your pick: The City of Angels has its share of demons.
The Real Black Dahlia
The Helter Skelter Tour
LA Noir Crime Tour
Celebrity Death Sites (Self-guided tour; don’t trespass on private property!)

Congress may debate debt ceilings, but there’s one thing it may never put a lid on: scandal. Go undercover as you explore scandalous political stories, past and present.
Whistle-Blowing Scandal
Tour Foggy Bottom and Watergate
Lincoln Assassination Tour

Quiet Midwest city? Think again. St. Paul, MN, was once the stomping (er, shooting) grounds of famous names in organized crime. Check out the site of a third-story apartment where notorious gangster John Dillinger once lived with his girlfriend.
Gangster Walking Tour

Did you think we’d forget Chicago? Fuggedaboutit! St. Valentine’s Day Massacre … the Dillinger shootout outside the Biograph movie theater … the shocking “perfect crime” by Leopold and Loeb, which later inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. We’re just getting started.
Weird & Haunted Chicago Tour

We're about to make you an offer you can’t refuse: NYC crime tours that cover Little Italy, Lower East Side and other key Manhattan neighborhoods.
NYC Mob Tour
Art, Crime, Drugs and Punk Rock on the Lower East Side Walking Tour
Jewish Mob Walking Tour

Gambling, booze and plenty of skin -- crime’s not far behind in Sin City. What happens in Vegas does indeed stay in Vegas. Sometimes permanently … with a toe tag.
Vegas Mob Tour

Tour Italy’s once-notorious crime spots around Palermo, Siracusa and Corleone. Then enjoy an overnight stay on the former estate of a Mafia boss. (You might just want to keep the light on.)
Sicily Mafia Tour

It’s not always a G’day in Australia. Discover where 7 people were gunned down in the Hoddle Street massacre of 1987, in Melbourne. Walk through Sydney’s historic Kings Cross district, a hub for organized crime and the city’s red light district.
Melbourne Crime Tours
Crimes & Passion Walking Tour in Sydney

Why did a butler in South Wales, UK, go on a killing spree? Explore this and other shocking crimes from yesteryear in South Wales.
Dark Deeds Crime Tours

The ultimate horror of the Nazi Holocaust, Winston Churchill once said, was that it was “done by scientific machinery by nominally civilized men.” Ponder the importance of “Never Again” on a tour of infamous Third Reich sites.
Infamous Third Reich Sites

The line between fact and fiction sometimes blurs. Grab your deerstalker and pipe to explore the real London sites that inspired the creation of the ultimate mystery detective: Sherlock Holmes.
In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

Is crime ever excusable? What about murder? In the summer of 1865, Russian writer Fydor Dostoevsky explored these questions in Crime and Punishment. Take a pub crawl that follows the murder route of the book’s protagonist, Raskolnikov.
Dostoyevsky Walk

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