Extreme Yachts

Extreme Yachts travels the country to see how top designers and nautical engineers create some of the most amazing vessels to ever hit the high seas.

Lazzara, a builder that brings the mega yacht feel to the motor yacht class, designs a whole new model called the LSX92.

A rear view of the classically designed Sabre 48 in San Diego.

The dining area inside the luxurious cabin of a Catalina 445.

A view from stern to bow of the award-winning Catalina 445.

A starboard view of the 80-foot Hatteras H2OME motor yacht.

The Sunseeker Hero yacht prides itself on more than 100 feet of luxury living.

Authentic Yacht's Fireboat sits docked in their Florida harbor.

The Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance restored the elegant Bluenose II in Nova Scotia.

A front view of the completed Marquis yacht before it goes out onto the water.

The Northern Marine trawler bar and salon area.

The exterior of the 150-ft. Richmond yacht sitting at the dock in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The main salon of the Richmond yacht.

A shot of 2 Northern Marine trawlers from the aft deck of a third trawler.

The Viking yacht out on the water.

The guys of Macatawa Bay Boat Works get ready to install an engine on another boat they have in their shop.

Exterior shot of the massive, completed AllSeas yacht.

Many of the Marquis yacht employees polish the inside of one of the molds of the hull.

An AllSeas employee works by one of the rudders of the AllSeas build.

Chris Rodgerson stands by the completed Tartan 4000 at its dock in Marina del Rey, CA.

The lounge area of the Tartan 4000.

Some of the Viking fleet sit at the dock in the water.

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