Tricked Out Trains Pictures

Luxurious, private railcars -- some faithfully restored, others artfully reimagined -- crisscross the country and bring the romance of the rails into the 21st century.

Luxury trains are the best-kept secrets in the world of first class travel.

The Georgia 300 has provided the transportation for the whistle-stop tours of 4 presidents.

The Georgia 300 has earned the nickname, “the Express Lane to the White House.”

The Walnut Street Bridge crosses the Tennessee River, connecting Chattanooga to the North Shore.

A set dining table inside the Georgia 300.

The presidential phone and desk inside the Georgia 300.

An empty train car before it gets “tricked out.”

This McKeen Motor Car is part of the Nevada State Railroad Museum’s collection in Carson City.

The Patron Tequila Express is owned by John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of Patrón Tequila and Paul Mitchell hair products.

The Patron Tequila Express was built in 1927 as a private business car.

Private train owners travel in over-the-top, money-is-no-object cars.

'Inside Silver Lariat Lounge Drinking car with empty chairs on either side.'

'Close up of Caritas Rail car stopped at station platform.'

'Beautiful lounge car with empty sofa chairs and a table with roses on it in the center.'

'Dining Table set with Red table cloth and Champagne bottles with glasses and plates.'

'Shot of Pullman Pennsylvania train car. Not moving.'

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