These Adventure Cats Are Giving Us FOMO

These cats are living their best (nine) lives.

August 8 marks International Cat Day, and we're celebrating with a look into some of the most fearless felines out there. If you're a cat parent, you may have a kitty who loves soaking up the outside from the comfort of an indoor window. But there are many cats who accompany their human(s) on outdoor excursions, from hiking to camping to kayaking. This concept may seem crazy to some, but for many cat owners, it's the norm and we love it.

A cat with Mardi Gras beads around its neck rests on a young man's shoulder on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cat in New Orleans

A cat with Mardi Gras beads around its neck rests on a young man's shoulder on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Photo by: Getty Images, J Carillet

Getty Images, J Carillet

Laura Moss and Cody Wellons started the website Adventure Cats as a resource for people looking for safe ways to travel and explore outside with their cats. They also wanted to challenge the negative stereotypes about cats and cat people. Their ultimate goal? Increase shelter cat adoptions.

I chatted with Laura about her favorite cat stories, must-have adventure gear and more. Take a look:

Who are some of your favorite Adventure Cats to follow?

This is tough because there are so many incredible ones out there! I'm a big fan of Fish and Chips. These two cats have the cutest names, and they explore British Columbia with a wonderful couple that consistently posts amazing photos of their adventures.

Another favorite Instagram account is Floyd The Lion. Floyd is one of the friendliest — and fluffiest — cats I've ever met. He's fearless and curious, and he'll pull you down a sidewalk or trail just like an excited pup.

Also, I love Quandary. She was part of a marriage proposal and later served as the flower girl in Graham and Erin Shuee's wedding, so I think she has the sweetest origin story. I've gotten to hike with her in Colorado, as well as join her owners for an outdoor meal in Boulder where she napped inside Graham's jacket the entire time.

What's the most incredible cat adventure you've covered to date? (I loved reading about Vladimir!)

Vladimir is just such a cool cat. He's curious, easygoing and up for anything. And honestly, I've never been so envious of a cat's life before! Even though he doesn't get to set paw in every national park because of park rules, he at least gets to see every single one through the window. So, Vladimir is definitely a contender for the most incredible cat. (Vladimir is currently visiting all 59 national parks with his humans. You can read about it here, and follow along here.)

I also have to mention Skatty, a Maine Coon that sails around New Zealand with his owner. What I find so amazing about Skatty is that he has become the ears for his owner when they're at sea. His owner, Paul Thompson, is deaf, so Skatty has learned to alert him when he gets a text message or when other boats are approaching. It's just such a sweet story.

What are some must-have pieces of gear for those venturing into "adventure cat" training territory? Are there any specific products you love?

For must-have gear, all you really need is a snug-fitting harness and a leash. While many cats have outdoor adventures without a leash, we strongly recommend that cats be leashed outdoors at all times.

Cat Gear

Cat Gear

Cat leashes and harnesses for your adventure cat.

Photo by: Adventure Cats

Adventure Cats

We've interviewed a lot of cat owners about which harnesses they like best, and the two we hear about consistently is the Kitty Holster and the small, mesh Puppia Harness, which are worn by dogs as well. The key is to simply ensure that it's good quality and fits snuggly. And, of course, you must have a leash-trained cat that's comfortable outdoors. 

Adventuring certainly isn't for every cat, so it's important to make sure that owners venture outside safely and that it's an activity their cats enjoy. Also, every cat should visit a veterinarian first and be healthy, microchipped and up to date on flea, tick and heartworm medication.

Dying to turn your indoor explorer into an outdoor adventure companion? Start here.

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