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Some of the world’s best hotels have played pivotal roles in memorable films. See the filming locations for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Dark Knight and more.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino could be considered the sexiest hotel on the Strip -- some dealers wear lingerie and go-go dancers groove tableside.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

In their search for the ultimate party suite, producers of the film Get Him to the Greek deemed the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino the perfect location.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Some memorable and ridiculously funny moments from Get Him to the Greek were shot at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, but don’t try to score drugs at the front desk like Jonah Hill’s character did; they will turn you down.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

The view of Vegas from the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino makes the hotel a movie-worthy location.

The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City

The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City has played a role in several films. Obviously, this hotel has seen its fair share of superstars walk its halls.

A 160-year-old banyan tree

This 160-year-old banyan tree at the Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu served as the location of the mermaid pools in Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort

Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort was also the film location for key scenes of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Turtle Bay Resort

The cast and crew of Forgetting Sarah Marshall stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort during the 33 days of filming in Hawaii.

The view from Chicago’s Hotel 71

The penthouse of Chicago’s Hotel 71 was used as Bruce Wayne’s bedroom in The Dark Knight. This view from the hotel’s ballroom surely sold the producers. 

The Emperor’s Suite at Caesar’s Palace

The Emperor’s Suite at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas has been used to film many movies, including Rain Man, Intolerable Cruelty and Fools Rush In. It also inspired the look for the suite in The Hangover -- before all the destruction, of course. 

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