Hotel Impossible: Sneak-Peek Pictures

Check out a few photos from the upcoming season of Hotel Impossible with hotel fixer Anthony Melchiorri. Watch this new Travel Channel show starting on Monday, April 9, at 10|9c.

Photo By: Justina Mintz

Photo By: Justina Mintz

Anthony Melchiorri, host and hotel fixer on Hotel Impossible, poses in front of the Penguin Hotel in Miami Beach, FL.

Interior designer Blanche Garcia poses for a picture in the lobby of the Penguin Hotel.

Anthony offers his recommendations and advice to the owners of the Penguin Hotel.

Anthony conducts a routine check and explores the bar at the Penguin Hotel.

Anthony presents a red appointment book to the front desk staff as part of his plan to improve customer service at Gurney's Inn Resort Spa, located in Montauk, NY.

After listening to Anthony’s advice, Director of Restaurant Services, John Lomitola, conducts a lineup inspection of his staff at Gurney's Inn.

The production crew cameraman shoots a scene with Anthony outside the New Yorker Hotel, located in North Miami, FL.

Anthony chats with the owners of the New Yorker Hotel.

Blanche and Anthony step into the New Yorker Hotel's courtyard they will help renovate.

Anthony carefully considers Blanche's suggestions to revamp the courtyard at the New Yorker Hotel.

Anthony has a heart-to-heart chat with the staff at the New Yorker Hotel.

Blanche cuts fabric and discusses the plan to renovate the New Yorker Hotel with Jorge.

Anthony instructs Frank, owner of the Ocean Manor Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, about necessary changes to make the hotel successful.

The Ocean Manor Hotel has a swimming pool, but it also has a spectacular view and immediate access to the beach. This photo was taken before the renovation of the pool area.

Anthony helps to turn things around at Ocean Manor by talking to the hotel’s managers.

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