Shane Green's Top 10 Resorts

World traveler and hospitality consultant Shane Green shares his top 10 favorite resorts of all time, offering the most amazing, romantic and adventurous experiences in the world. Here’s the proof.

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The Grace Bay Club - Turks and Caicos

“This is a great family destination. We love Grace Bay Club’s easy access to the beach, 4 pools, restaurants and bars, as well as the amazing service. There is also a great array of water sports activities for all ages, including paddleboarding. The staff is great at helping guests fully enjoy a relaxing experience on the resort’s 1,100 feet of beachfront -- the largest of any in Turks and Caicos.” 

Hayman Island - Great Barrier Reef, Australia

“This resort has great food, a great staff and great adventures -- all on the most beautiful reef in the world. Hayman Island is the premier family destination Down Under. For almost 2 years, my wife and I worked and played on the island. What makes this destination special is that any guest will quickly feel at home. This private-island paradise is one of the world’s most desirable hideaways, and the rooms at Hayman Island beachfront villas might be the epitome of perfection. Another fun perk is guests arrive in style via a luxury yacht.” 

Dawson Falls Lodge – Egmont National Park, New Zealand

“Considered one of the most romantic destinations in New Zealand, Dawson Falls Lodge is only a couple of miles from my childhood home. Many of my days and nights were spent hiking and camping on Mount Egmont near this resort. Dawson Falls Lodge is a must for those who love access to the unspoiled outdoors.” 

Lapa Rios Lodge – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

"Lapa Rios Lodge is a perfect option for nature lovers who enjoy wildlife and beaches. This resort is known for its amazing ecotourism, its delicious food and drinks, and its access to some of the most exciting wildlife experiences in Costa Rica. My wife and I enjoyed a couple of romantic days immersed in the surrounding wildlife, waking up to howler monkeys, kayaking with dolphins, hiking through the rainforest and walking at night to see bats, frogs and snakes."

St. Regis - Bora Bora

“Most people have seen the famed pictures of the St. Regis bungalows over the water that display the mountainous island peak in the background. It is as dazzling as you might imagine. Visitors enjoy diving into the water from their balconies, dining on fresh fish, experiencing Jet Ski adventures, and scuba diving to see a wide variety of indigenous fish and coral. This is one of my favorite diving destinations. My wife and I got engaged here, so it will always have a special place in our hearts. It is a great stop on any trip to Australia.”

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - Tanzania

“Luxury is at its best as you step back in time at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge with its spectacular colonial design. Here, guests have access to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, one of the best wildlife reserves in Africa. One of the most unique experiences was waking up each day with amazing views of wildlife roaming around just outside of our room. Dinner and drinks are served in a communal setting where adventures from the day are retold and immediate friendships are formed.”

Red Rock Resort & Spa

"The Red Rock Resort & Spa is a great resort destination for travelers who want to avoid the craziness of the Las Vegas Strip. It has some of the best suites in Las Vegas. The resort offers guided hikes through the spectacular Red Rock Mountains as part of its Adventure Spa program. There is also a great selection of dining options, an amazing spa and beautiful amenities. My wife and I lived at this resort for weeks during our move to Vegas. For unique experiences with family and friends, guests should check out the private VIP bowling lanes and movie rooms.”

The Chedi Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai, Thailand

“The Chedi Chiang Mai hotel hosts a wonderful feast in the heart of Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand, to celebrate the Festival of Lights in November. Each year people celebrate 2 concurrent Thai festivals, Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, by sending floats down a river and making wishes and releasing hot-air lanterns at night. My wife and I had the opportunity to spend 3 memorable days enjoying these festivals and celebrating with the staff at this hotel.” 

The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey – Marina del Rey, CA

“I love how the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey is located on the marina, close to the LA airport and surrounded by great local hangouts. The sunsets at Marina del Rey are majestic. After working at this hotel for 8 years, I have many great memories here. Guests can take a short road trip to Venice Beach for the best free entertainment in the US; visit Abbot Kinney for some of the best art and dining; and head to Washington Boulevard for its great bars and hangouts.” 

Amanyara – Turks and Caicos

“My wife and I were married on the beach at this hotel, which makes it special for us, but it was all of the little touches from the staff that made this selection endure as one of our favorite hotels. Amanyara features luxurious room, amazing restaurants and a great spa, making it a truly romantic destination.” 

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