10 Items You Need To Stay Fresh and Fashionable at a Festival

Heading to Coachella this year? Make sure you have these essential items in your bag to stay picture perfect and fashion forward.

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Dry Shampoo

You may not always have access to a shower, an outlet for a blow dryer or straightener, and tons of hair products will take up too much space in your bag. Instead of hassling with your hair, wash it right before you leave and pack dry shampoo. Get resourceful with styling by sleeping in braids to add curls, or consider wearing it up.

Beat the Heat With Mix and Match Bathing Suits

Festivals that fall in the heat of summer are often sweltering hot. Beat the heat and save room in your bag by packing cute bathing suit tops that can double as a crop top.

Don't Skimp on Skincare

Be sure to make space in your bag for your full skincare routine. Hot weather causes sweating and oiliness and this could wreak havoc on problem-prone skin. Be sure to exfoliate and remove your makeup each night. If you're worried about access to running water, pack makeup removing wipes to avoid a skin disaster. If you plan to wear makeup, consider swapping full coverage foundation for a lighter BB Cream with SPF for protection from sun damage and a natural dewy look that will keep you looking photo ready.

Summer Sandals

Instead of packing a different pair of shoes for each outfit, pack your favorite pair of sandals that compliment everything. Mixing and matching is key to looking fresh each day. If you have one special pair of killer boots pack those too and alternate between shoes each day to make each outfit seem different from the last.

Vintage High-Waisted Shorts

Bring that one perfect pair of vintage high-waisted shorts and pair them with something new each time you wear them. Throw them on over a bathing suit for an easy hot weather casual look, or toss on a flowy kimono with a crop top to dress them up. Utilizing this staple piece will keep every outfit on trend.

Lovely Sunnies

Fun and trendy sunglasses will help your outfit look extra fashion-forward. Protecting your eyes from the bright sun is important and can help prevent lines and wrinkles that could develop from too much squinting. Opt for trendier bargain glasses that you don't have to obsess over protecting during the trip.

Bug Spray Keeps the Pests Away

Although it may not smell the greatest, you'll be glad you packed this outdoor staple. Bug bites could cause unsightly bumps and uncomfortable itching. Not to mention, taking precautions can help protect you from scary diseases that may be spread by insects.

Bring on the Bling

Jewelry doesn't take up much space in your bag, but it does make a big impact on your outfit. Adding fun accessories to mix and match staple wardrobe items can take your look from drab to fab. Don't skip the must-have festival look of stacked bracelets and layered necklaces.

Sun safety

Bring several sun hats along to take your look up a notch and protect yourself from sunburn. Being burned isn't a good look on anyone, not to mention it's painful and dangerous. Cute hats made from felt, straw, or leather are all the rage and can help keep you safe from the sun.

The Perfect Sundress

Don't leave the house without your favorite sundress or romper. Nothing is more comfortable on a hot summer day than ditching pants for a breezy dress that's easy to toss on and go. Choose a light fabric like cotton or silk. Paired with your favorite accessories, this look can really make an impact.

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