Amazing Eats: Cheesy Goodness

Adam Richman is on a quest to explore the awesome power of cheesy goodness with a variety of cheese-infused dishes ranging from burgers, to pizza, to one-of-a-kind sandwiches.
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Did You Know?: This ancient food predates recorded history, with archaeologists tracing it all the way back to before 6000 B.C.

Dish 1: Armagoetta Grilled Cheese
Where: Tom + Chee, 1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071

Did You Know? In 1869, Queen Victoria received a giant half-ton wheel of cheddar cheese as a wedding gift.

Dish 2: Big Lou 42
Where: Big Lou's Pizza, 2048 South Ww White Rd San Antonio, TX 78222-1120

Did You Know? The phrase “big cheese” originally referred to anyone that could afford a full wheel cheese.

Dish 3: Horseshoe
Where: D'Arcy's Pint, 661 West Stanford Ave, Springfield, IL 62704-7808

Did You Know? Legend has it that in 1802 president Thomas Jefferson discovered macaroni and cheese on a visit to Italy. When he returned home he hired a chef to make it for white house dinners and an American classic was born.

Dish 4: Mac & Cheese
Where: Amy Ruth's, 113 W 116th, New York, NY 10026

Did You Know? Famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote “many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese — toasted, mostly”.

Dish 5: Steamed burger topped with LOTS of cheese
Where: Ted's Burgers, 1046 Broad St, Meriden, CT 06450

Did You Know? Cheese curds are often eaten as a snack or appetizer by either frying them or making Poutine.

Dish 6: Melt Challenge
Where: Melt Bar & Grilled, 14718 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

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