Amazing Eats: Sizzling Steaks

There is no meal more mouthwatering than a thick, juicy steak and Adam Richman is traveling the country to show us 5 amazing cuts that prove steak is the King of Beef.
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Did You Know? The Spanish brought the first beef cattle to the new world in 1540, but steak didn’t become a staple of the American diet until the 1800s, when the rise of the railroads and refrigerated shipping could move meat from Midwest stockyards to hungry patrons around the country.

Dish 1: Presidential T-Bone
Where: Cattleman’s, 1309 S. Agnew St., Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Did You Know? Some of the world’s oldest cave paintings offer evidence that humans have eaten beef since prehistoric times.

Dish 2: The Haystack
Where: The Silo, 115 North Water St, Lewiston, NY 14092

Did You Know? From the domestication of cattle over 10,000 years ago, to the foundation of the old west, steak has been enjoyed by countless civilizations.

Dish 3: The Big Steak
Where: Buckhorn Exchange, 1000 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204

Did You Know? A steak is a slice from a larger, primal cut of beef. American butchers use 12 different primal, or initial, cuts.

Dish 4: Whiskey Steaks
Where: The Drover, 2121 South 73rd St, Omaha, NE 68124

Did You Know? In 1830, Delmanico’s in New York City served America’s first restaurant steak. They invented “The Delmanico Cut” and were the first to use the term “86-ed” for when the famous steak sold out.

Dish 5: Bone in the Stone
Where: Riverstone Grill, 971 E River Rd, Grand Island, NY 14072

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