Christie Rojo

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Travel Specialty: Spirituality

Christie Rojo is currently studying to earn a master’s degree in theology, and she works at a local church’s youth ministry. She’s fluent in Spanish, passionate about faith and eager to learn more from her global neighbors!

What excites you the most about travel?

What excites me the most about travel is the opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life. I love that traveling, whether 25 minutes away or 25 hours away, gives one a chance to connect with our neighbors around the world; it’s a beautiful and humbling experience.

What do you like the least about travel?

I really don’t believe travel holds any negatives. Not all my travel experiences have been easy, but they have offered me an opportunity to grow as a global citizen.

What was your favorite travel adventure?

My favorite travel adventure was encountering pilgrims on the road to a Catholic shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Experiencing their devotion to their faith changed me.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to go to the Santa Barbara beaches, explore downtown, dance, eat good Mexican food, spend time with my family and work in the youth ministry. Oh, yes! And I love going to USC football games — go Trojans!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Midnight drives to McDonald’s! Sometimes that Big Mac can’t wait until tomorrow.

Why do you want to be the next Travel Channel Star?

Honestly, I believe that God gives us our own unique passions and that it’s our duty to follow these passions and to do the most with the talents/abilities that God gives us by doing good in the world. I love broadcasting, I love people, and I love the subject of religion and spirituality. My motivation is to live out what I love by combining all 3. I think it’s up to us to educate each other about our different spiritualties so we can coexist and love in peace.