11 Things Don Wildman Doesn't Leave Home Without

Find out what Don Wildman takes with him on every trip.

What do I never leave home without?

1. Moleskine books. I have 5 of them piled immediately to my right; I’m addicted to the things. I like the way they feel, the sizes, the way they stack, the little snappy elastic. One day, I’ll fill them with something brilliant. No, really.

2. The means to glue things into books. Habitually, I think forward; I can’t help it. As such, I forget that I did anything yesterday. Considering I have a job in which I get to do pretty remarkable things nearly every day, this is a crime. So, I scrapbook my experiences or I can’t keep track.

3. Fujifilm Instant Camera. Bought it at Urban Outfitters in Seattle. My throwback toy -- little pics that I can stick in my wallet to remember moments, for all the reasons mentioned above. I love not waiting till I’m near a printer.

4. Books. I really gotta use my Kindle more. Right now I am hauling 6 books with me (along with the 5 Moleskines), one of which is a 1,000-page brick of WWI history by Robert Massie. I really could do this better -- but, you know, reading is critical to life.

5. Two weeks’ worth of clothing. Events conspire against us -- we can never find a Laundromat. On moral grounds I will not pay the hotels the exorbitant prices they charge to wash your clothes. What are you kidding? Six bucks for a sweater? I just went through 2 solid weeks in Tennessee without a day to wash or even the vehicle in which to go to a place if I knew where it was. Thus, just in (suit) case, I carry too many clothes. And you wouldn’t believe how filthy I get on this show.

6. Clipper.
Best part of my job: I don’t have to shave ever, but I do have to maintain a steady grizzle or it becomes a continuity issue. So I bought a clipper at CVS, and it is my constant friend and companion. Zip, zip ... done. I love it, liberty.

7. Lithium flashlight. It’s important that I can see things in the dark. I’m spoiled. Regular batteries, too dim --the lithium flashlight, leading into the abyss.

8. Band-Aids. Because I puncture my flesh nearly every day.

9. Manicure. Chewing my nails is a filthy habit, but I do it constantly if I don’t make a monetary investment and pay a woman to clip off my cuticles. But why aren’t there places that make a man feel like he’s not secretly wanting to be a woman? Frankly, it’s the cheapest thrill, having someone work on my hands, and then the massage -- its great! I’ll go weeks without chomping the things off.

10. Stationery. Katharine Hepburn once wrote me back when I sent her a fan letter. Her stationery was so damn simple and classy, I went right out and ordered myself some. We have to keep writing letters despite the convenience of emails and texts. It’s kind of a cause of mine -- we can’t waste the postal service!

11. iPod. You know, for the same reason you have one.

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