TV Host and Travel Expert

Josh Gates is an adventurer and avid explorer with a unique brand of humor and deep-rooted passion for off-the-map excursions. Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown chronicles Gates’ adventures as he sets out on a global journey to find the truth behind captivating and iconic unsolved legends including the quest for King Arthur in the U.K., Blackbeard’s missing gold in the Caribbean and answers to D.B. Cooper’s infamous plane hijacking in the U.S. In Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti, Gates set out to search for evidence of the infamous Yeti, and will embark on his biggest transcontinental journey in the upcoming special Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials, looking for proof that life exists on other planets.

An avid scuba diver and photographer, Gates has participated in sub-sea archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean, and his wanderlust has taken him to over 110 counties from sweltering African deserts to the icy shores of Antarctica. In addition, he has scaled “the roof of Africa” on Mt. Kilimanjaro and climbed Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Americas.

In 2016, Gates won "Best Host" in the CableFax Program Awards for Expedition Unknown, and the series also took home the "Best Educational/Instructional Show" award. He holds degrees from Tufts University in Archaeology and Drama and is a member of The Explorers Club – a prestigious organization dedicated to the advancement of exploration and field research.

Travel Channel currently airs episodes of Gates’ popular series, Josh Gates’ Destination Truth. Gates has also served as host of Travel Channel’s Josh Gates: After Dark and co-host of The Trip: 2016. He has appeared on the TODAY Show, CNN and a variety of other national television and radio programs. Gates’ travels are chronicled in his bestselling book, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter (Simon & Schuster, 2011).

Gates currently resides with his wife and son in Los Angeles, Calif., and on airport floors around the world.