What Causes Jet Lag?
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Photo by: Crystal Martin

Crystal Martin

Host, Actor & Judge

Actor and producer Rob Pralgo has a recurring role on Lifetime's Army Wives, and he has made appearances on several other TV shows, including The Vampire DiariesTeen Wolf, ConstantineThe GatesPrison BreakOne Tree HillBaywatch Nights and All My Children.

In addition to TV, Rob has had an illustrious career producing and acting in movies, including Furious 7The Blind SideThe JonesesBlood Ties, I Am the Bluebird and A Zombie Invasion. He also starred in High Rise, a Comcast web series. Among his upcoming projects: Sons 2 the GraveRide Along 2 and A Place for Heroes.

As an acting coach and host of more than 100 Travel Channel webisodes, Rob is well qualified to be a judge on Travel Channel Star, a digital series looking for personalities who are curious and adventurous and who explore the world through their own unique lens. The winner will host his or her own web series.

Rob is also the host for the web series Travel 911 and Travel Channel's Gear Guide. Travel 911 provides tips on how to get through travel emergencies, including what do when you lose your luggage or passport, how to prepare before a hurricane strikes, how to avoid shark-infested waters, and much more. Rob offers practical information, such as how to choose the best sunscreen and what you need to know before your next family camping trip.

On the exclusive Gear Guide series, Rob demonstrates how to use a variety of travel gear and gadgets to help make travel safe, fun and easy. Featured gear has included an underwater video mask for snorkelers, a helmet speaker system for bikers, a backpack for carrying your pooch, and a hard-shell, waterproof case that keeps your iPod safe.