Bucket List Trips by Life Stage

Find life-changing trips for everyone.

Help instill a sense of adventure, curiosity and wanderlust in your kids at a young age. Traveling can provide kids experiential learning to supplement their classroom education. Plus, they’ll create memories to carry with them to their next stages of life.



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Jeff Vanuga

Consider having older kids grow their travel know-how by letting them help plan part of the trip. For example, tell them how much you plan to spend as a family on entertainment for three days at the beach and then let them research options like taking a dolphin cruise, renting jet skis or going parasailing. They can decide how they want to use the budget and sample part of the planning process.



Westminster Abbey (built 1045–1050), the ancient cathedral used for British Coronations and Royal Weddings

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The travel experiences you have in your early 20s can set the stage for the rest of your life and shape your outlook on the world. Many people who study abroad in college will always hold a special place in their heart for where they studied. (I know I do. Prague, I miss you.)

4 Post-Grad Trips 01:08

Don't miss out on these four spectacular post-grad destinations.


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Pawel Gaul

If you’re newly single, a trip could be just what you need for clarity and perspecitive. See part of the world you’ve never visited, learn about another culture, unplug and recharge at a peaceful spa or see a natural wonder. An Eat, Pray, Love-inspired trip, anyone? 



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Kevin Fleming

It’s not like you can’t travel after becoming a parent, but some trips are just better, or at least easier, without kids. If you haven’t taken an adult-only Disney trip, you’re missing out! You can ride all of the rides without worrying about height restrictions, take advantage of all the delicious, award-winning food and booze and avoid lugging around a diaper bag. Plus, if and when you do have kiddos and want to take them, you’ll know your way around the parks a little better.

We work 40 hours a week and do the daily grind with the hopes of retiring with enough time and money to travel the world. (Not that you need to wait until you’re retired to travel!) Browse these incredible trips – they may make you think about contributing more to your 401(k) so you can take all of them as soon as possible.



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What Bucket List Trip Should You Take?

No matter your budget, schedule, travel companion or preferred climate, there's a bucket list trip for you! Find your perfect trip.
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Bucket List Trips by Life Stage

Find life-changing trips for everyone.

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