Hotels in Asia With Firefly-Viewing Activities

A synchronous firefly show is a magical sight you have to see in real life.

In certain regions of the world, a natural phenomenon and magical sight happens when fireflies flash in unison. Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, is one popular area for viewing, where four species of synchronous fireflies can be found in the jungles. Many hotels and resorts are promoting excursions to view fireflies and hotel gardens optimal for viewing the flashing insects in late spring and early summer. Check out these four hotels with firefly-viewing activities.

Photo by: Courtesy of Regent Taipei

Courtesy of Regent Taipei

Regent Taipei - Taiwan

Courtesy of Regent Taipei
Courtesy of Regent Taipei

Photo By: Courtesy of Regent Taipei

Photo By: Courtesy of Regent Taipei

In Taiwan’s bustling capital city, Regent Taipei is offering a spin on the traditional stargazing experience in what they’re calling their “Glittery Night” overnight package. Starting at $300 per night and available through June 15, the specialty offer features a private car chauffeur for four hours and a complimentary firefly-watching tour at one of the following beautiful hidden firefly habitats in Taipei: Daan Forest Park, Rongxing Garden Park, Fuyang Eco Park or Musha Park. In addition to the firefly viewing excursions, the package also includes overnight accommodations in a spacious deluxe room, a buffet breakfast for two and access to the hotel’s gym, health club and sauna and rooftop swimming pool.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo – Japan

Photo by: Courtesy of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Courtesy of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Courtesy of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Courtesy of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Photo By: Courtesy of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Photo By: Courtesy of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

If you’re looking for a hotel in Tokyo that’s also a romantic dinner spot, look no further than Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo where they’re offering a special dinner promotion “Evening of Fireflies Dinner Buffet” from now through July 2. For about $89 per adult, guests can sample the delicious flavors of firefly season in a variety of dishes such as roast beef, abalone, salads and more, plus free-flowing drinks. After dinner, guests can stroll around the garden to enjoy the dancing fireflies.

Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en - Japan

The pure air and water at the hotel garden at Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en makes it a perfect spot for fireflies and a view of their magical light show. Book a stay at this hotel in Hakone, located about an hour and 30 minutes southwest of Tokyo, for the ability to view two kinds of fireflies during their peak seasons. The best time to see the Genji firefly is the middle of June to the beginning of July, and the best time to see the Heiki firefly is the end of June to the middle of July.

Walindi Resort – Papua New Guinea

Photo by: Courtesy of Incomin' Films and Walindi Resort

Courtesy of Incomin' Films and Walindi Resort

In Kimpe Bay, Papau New Guinea, you can book a stay at Walindi Resort starting at $155 a night per person, which includes all of your meals and daily laundry service. The resort offers a variety of land tours, including firefly viewing. The 30-minute excursions cost an additional $20 per person or $15 per person if you have a group of two or more. The resort also offers a volcano walk tour, birdwatching and village tours.

If you’re not making the trip to Asia this summer, you’re not completely out of luck. While synchronous fireflies are not as common in the U.S. as they are in Asia, there are a few places you can see this natural phenomenon, including Pennsylvania, Tennessee and South Carolina.

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