99 Sand n' Surf Hotspots Slideshow

Help us count down the top 99 Sand n' Surf Hotspots across the globe. From coral reefs to picturesque beaches, we're highlighting what makes these locations paradise on Earth.

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99: Jumby Bay

Jumby Bay is an ancient coral reef and rocky outpost, situated 2 miles north of Antigua. Swim with a colony of stingrays by day and get a private turtle viewing by night. With its rich wildlife, lush and abundant landscape, and pristine beaches, Jumby Bay presents itself as a secluded hideaway for the sophisticated and discerning traveler.

98: Coney Island

Home to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, Coney Island offers nearly 3 miles of sandy beaches, sunny skies and rolling waves.

97: Saadani

This is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and personal with wild animals in the jungle or right on the beach. Private safaris are available by 4x4, foot or boat.

96: North Shore

Considered to have the best waves and surfing in the world, the North Shore of Oahu at Ehukai Beach Park is a surfer’s paradise. The area earns that title by hosting three competitions in November and December to make up the Triple Crown of Surfing.

95: Tropical Islands Resort

Located in a converted airship hangar, the Tropical Islands Resort covers an area bigger than eight football fields and contains a “tropical sea” with 660 feet of sandy beachfront. Guests can tour a village with buildings modeled after those found in Thailand, Borneo, Samoa and Bali. There’s also a 13,000-square-foot lagoon with fountains, canals and a whirlpool, as well as a rain forest with more than 50,000 plants of 600 different species.

94: Mayakoba

Playa del Carmen is a true paradise, with an underwater Sea Trek dive, an ecological theme park featuring exotic wildlife and animals and a plethora of beachfront hotels and resorts.

93: Columbia River Gorge

With 292,500 acres in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, it’s quite evident why this gorge is one of the seven Wonders of Oregon. Snowcapped and serene, Mount Hood is a dormant volcano surrounded by an immense national forest, making it a perfect area for snow sports, trekking and recreational activities.

92: Maho Beach

Tourists flock to the southern half of St. Marten to experience a vacation that combines fun, relaxation and thrills. Maho Beach is a party hot spot, featuring tons of beach bars, casinos and nightclubs.

91: St. Pete Beach

This heavenly beach offers a dreamy scene, with the classic Don CeSar “Pink Palace” Hotel right on the sugary, white sand. The hotel’s Maritana Grille boasts chef Gavin Pera, who makes the best surf-and-turf dishes in Florida.

90: Gulf Shores

A prime beach destination for the noncoastal dwellers, Gulf Shores, Alabama, boasts superb resorts and restaurants, as well as many activities and sports, such as paddleboarding, boating and zip-lining. Don’t miss out on the annual Shrimp Festival, which features the most delicious dishes made from shrimp caught fresh right in the gulf.

89: Tyrell Beach Bay

The Windward Islands include the unknown island of Carriacou, a name which means “land of many reefs.” Experience the natural wonders that exist under the sea and the ancient traditions of shipbuilding that thrive on land. Tyrell Bay Beach isn't to be missed either.

88: Madaket Beach

This popular vacation island off the coast of Cape Cod offers something for everyone, from exclusive luxury hotels to a casual spot to sip locally brewed beer.

87: Dead Sea

Lie back and read a book while effortlessly floating in the highly concentrated salts of the Dead Sea. Situated at the lowest point in the world, 1,269 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is one of Israel’s major tourist attractions. The natural minerals, salts and mud along the banks are used for medicinal and therapeutic treatments at this hot spot.

86: Nissi Beach

Overflowing with stunning natural beauty, Ayia Napa contains the most Blue Flag beaches per capita in the world. Stunning Nissi Beach is a major hot spot for nightlife, as well as the home of a beautiful historical monastery that can’t be missed.

85: An Bang Beach

Visit the bustling beachfront village of Hoi An on the south-central coast of Vietnam. From the 40-mile-long stretch of powdery sand and glimmering turquoise water to ancient hot-stone massages, visitors will feel revitalized with energy at An Bang Beach.

84: Mission Beach

From surfing to paddleboarding on the undulating waves of the Pacific Ocean, Mission Beach is the ultimate SoCal destination for anyone looking to enjoy a day at the beach with a board in hand or underfoot.

83: Key Largo

The first and northernmost member of the Florida Keys is the self-proclaimed “diving capital of the world” and leaves little room for argument. With Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary just off shore, divers can rediscover ship wrecks from the past while also experiencing some of the clearest water they will ever see.

82: Boston Beach

A legendary mecca for fans of spicy food, Boston Beach is considered the birthplace of Jamaican jerk seasoning. It is located on the northeastern shores of Jamaica, the third-largest island in the Greater Antilles, and attracts surfers and explorers seeking a glimpse of the secluded waterfalls in the nearby rain forest.

81: Old San Juan

The modern city of San Juan holds a piece of history, with colorful architecture and the Castillo San Felipe, a fort built by the Spanish starting in the 16th century. Lounge on the packed beaches, or take advantage of surfing and watersports. Unwind in the evening at Old San Juan’s Barrachina Bar, the birthplace of the pina colada.

80: Pink Sands Beach

For a truly dreamy and romantic experience, travel to Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas for 3 miles of pristine, clear water against sand with a rosy hue.

79: Assateague Island

As Maryland’s only oceanfront park, Assateague State Park borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Sinepuxent Bay on the west. The 2 miles of ocean beaches offer swimming, sunbathing, surfing, fishing and exploring secluded coves by canoe or kayak.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Beach Camping"

78: Fowl Cay

Fowl Cay is part of the Exumas, a collection of tiny islands just south of the capitol of Nassau. Rent a secluded villa equipped with a personal speedboat, and get free range to explore the island, drift through a sunlit sea cave and feed the wild swimming pigs.

77: Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is a Gulf shore paradise for ultimate relaxation. This beach neighborhood brings back the feel of classic coastal enclaves with its scenic beach roads, surf shops, fabulous restaurants, beachfront homes and beachside resorts and condos with panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico.

76: Playa de Los Lances

At Spain’s southernmost point, a world-renowned wind tunnel meets five straight miles of crystal-clear water, soft white sand and a rush of surfers’ adrenaline. The result is a gathering of thousands at the undisputed kite-surfing capital of the world.

75: Isla Mujeres

One of the 10 municipalities in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Isla Mujeres has been an important island since the time of the Mayans. Scuba dive, snorkel, or take a glass-boat tour to experience the massive coral reef, or spot the underwater museum of handcrafted concrete statues designed to resemble members of the local community.

74: Joaquina Beach

Florianoplis is a small island and strip of land in southern Brazil with no fewer than 47 stunning beaches, including Joaquina Beach. The area has been called the best place to live in Brazil by locals and expats alike. The amazing beaches offer spectacular surfing, sand-boarding in the rolling dunes, and a boardwalk packed with delectable cuisine.

73: Paradise Beach

Situated among a small series of islands in the Aegean Sea is the tiny gem of Mykonos. It’s a dreamy destination with a wonderful kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan shops, rocking bars, quaint windmills, homey taverns and hidden churches, all set against a brilliant blue backdrop. Known for massive parties and special events, such as full-moon parties and bubble parties, Paradise Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in the world.

72: Buccoo Bay

Buccoo Bay Beach has one the top coral reefs in the world. Watch a famous goat race or go horseback riding through the smooth, sandy beaches and the emerald-green sea on a trek known as Healing With Horses.

71: Doe Bay

With lush forests, cliff-side landscapes, fresh salmon and the chance to see orcas swim before your eyes, the San Juan Islands are a serene escape for nature lovers.

70: Kanantik

Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort successfully combines the elements of nature and luxury by providing a sustainable, eco-sensitive and low-impact design that preserves the natural surroundings while providing a superior resort experience. Situated within 1,300 acres of untouched jungle, it offers private cabanas, a saltwater pool and world-class dining.

69: Wildwood Beach

Just down the coast from Atlantic City, Wildwood is famous for all things kitsch. Featuring multiple retro-style hotels, five amusement piers, carnival games and plenty of restaurants, the Wildwood boardwalk is one of the longest in the country.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Boardwalk"

68: St. George's, Greneda

Mount Hartman Bay Estate, an independently owned boutique hotel, is in the Caribbean paradise of St. George's, Grenada. Set on a private peninsula on the island’s southern coast, it has uninterrupted views across the bay to the Mount Hartman Nature Reserve. Each uniquely themed room varies, from a stone tower honeymoon suite surrounded by an infinity pool to a waterfall suite with handcrafted stones from the ancient Arawak tribe.

67: Polihale

Polihale State Park is a remote beach at the end of a 5-mile-long dirt road from Mana Village. Getting to this beach is a road-trip adventure in itself. You’ll feel alone in this paradise of white sand and rolling waves against a mountainous backdrop.

66: Railay Beach

With calm, crystal-blue waters lined with 400-foot limestone cliffs, Railay Beach is a paradise for rock climbers and base jumpers. Explore beach caves and indulge in Thai coffee made with local beans or a coconut stuffed with ice cream on this marvelous peninsula, which is accessible only by boat.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Top Beach Adventure"

65: Folly Beach

Folly Beach in South Carolina is referred to by locals as the “Edge of America.” This charming coastal town is home to painted sunrises and sunsets, rich history, good food and expansive beaches.

64: Virginia Beach

Nestled along the eastern shore of the United States, right in prime mid-Atlantic real estate, lies the historic seaside town of Virginia Beach. With 3 miles of boardwalk and 5.5 million visitors a year, Virginia Beach holds the title of “world’s largest pleasure beach” in the "Guinness Book of World Records."

63: Punta Mona

Located countless miles from civilization, where untamed rain forests open to the sea, Punta Mona isn’t just a destination; it’s an educational experience. The lights are solar-powered; water is collected by catch basin; and every extraordinary and exotic meal is sourced entirely from the community’s permaculture farm.

62: Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys boasts a history of elite tourists, including American presidents! Ride the "Truman" yacht to get to this hammock-lined paradise.

61: Bouley Bay

With a reputation for some of the best seafood in Europe, a beach ride called cart-surfing, and an ancient fort that visitors can stay in, the island of Jersey, near France's north-western coast, is truly a sand and surf hot spot.

60: Joseph Sylvia State

From private plane tours around the island over Joseph Sylvia State Beach to private clambakes right on the sand, Oak Bluffs is a must-visit in Martha’s Vineyard. This sought-after spot has become a unique vacation destination for those who wish to experience the culture and lifestyle of a classic New England island.

59: S'Arenal de San Antonio

The stunningly beautiful Ocean Beach Ibiza is known to some as the party capital of the world. Home to the delightfully deviant El Carnaval, the beach has rosters of acrobats, stunt performers and dancers lining the landscape.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Party Beach"

58: Secret Beach

Tucked away amid the unspoiled nature on the island of Dominica, Secret Bay offers sustainable luxury villas and bungalows, making it the perfect place for a Caribbean vacation. Situated on a cliff top overlooking the Caribbean Sea, accessible only by boat, Secret Bay has two beaches, the magical Cario River, a spectacular sea cave and two distinct microclimates.

57: Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, has powdery white-sand beaches, gleaming turquoise waters and a glorious boardwalk. It is famous for its nearly 3,000 friendly, beach-dwelling penguins.

56: Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland, is the action-packed beach hub of the East Coast. It exudes all-American spirit with a historical boardwalk, golden sandy beaches and classic good eats.

55: Cane Bay

On the west side of the island of St. Croix is a palm-tree-lined beach called Cane Bay. It’s renowned for its diving expeditions, and visitors can navigate to one of the world’s deepest trenches or journey into the rain forest to find Cheech, a native who carves unique sculptures from island mahogany.

54: Vik Beach

Vik Beach in Vik-Handelssted, Iceland, is the only place in the world where you can experience a rare black-sand beach, stand on an absolutely gargantuan glacier and take in the ice-packed caldera of an active volcano, all in one day.

53: Patong Beach

Patong Beach in the Kathu District of Phuket offers a stunning beach scene by day and a notorious club scene by night. Step off the shore and party into the night at some of the many electric bars and clubs.

52: Waikiki

With surfing, canoeing, volcanic backdrops, luaus and offshore shark dives, Waikiki Beach is indisputably the most popular Hawaiian destination.

51: Lido Di San Montano

Experience the thermal hot springs that are heated by underground volcanoes throughout Ischia Island, which is one of the Phlegraean Islands. Set among soaring mountains, the area has a unique character that’s evident in everything from its delightful dishes and thirst-quenching drinks to its rich history and refined architecture.

50: Silver Mine Bay

At Silver Mine Bay Beach on the Hong Kong island of Lantau, you can find some of the spiciest fresh seafood and stay in a hidden resort that was once a jailhouse. This small fishing town is an ideal launching pad to explore other parts of Lantau Island, including the famous Big Buddha, the Po Lin Monastery and the stilt houses of Tai O village.

49: Fire Island

A hidden beach oasis just an hour from Manhattan, Fire Island has no paved roads and limited Internet access. Visit the 40-acre Sunken Forest, one of the last remaining maritime forests on the eastern seaboard.

48: Santa Cruz

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz features a vibrant blend of the beach cultures of the West Coast and Hawaii. After an appetite-building day on the sand, head to the boardwalk for some mouthwatering California beach specialties, such as deep-fried artichoke slathered in garlic butter, homemade fudge, saltwater taffy, caramel apples and crispy-sweet chocolate-covered bacon.

47: Kourion Beach

Kourion Beach in Limassol, Cyprus, is slightly off the beaten path, but it boasts five-star hotels, the ancient Tombs of the Kings and superb scuba diving in a massive shipwreck. Romantic cliffs and turquoise water make this a stunning sand and surf destination, while in the town square, local performers put on a fantastic show of traditional dancing and bouzouki playing.

46: West End Cliffs

Come to Negril for the beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere, and take a trip to the biggest hot spot in all of Jamaica, Rick’s Cafe on the West End Cliffs. Situated on a rugged cliff jutting out over the sea, this bar is the ultimate dining destination. Become spoiled with amazing local food and drink, or hang out in the bar’s pool, with unimaginable views as you watch the sun melt behind the horizon.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Beach Bar"

45: Gordon Beach

With an urban beach alongside a world-class city, ancient streets and modern nightlife, Tel Aviv is the “Miami on the Mediterranean.” Gordon Beach is the center of Tel Aviv’s action, with volleyball, swimming pools, playgrounds and scantily clad beach bods.

44: Key West

Key West is one of the many small Florida islands famous for their amazing beaches, crystal-clear water and the only living coral barrier reef in the continental U.S. The Keys span 110 miles and are connected through bridges, waterways and airports, making these islands easily accessible by land, sea and air.

43: Buccament Bay

Rolling hills, submerged volcanoes, breathtaking rain forests and picturesque waterfalls make up Buccament Bay on St. Vincent. Amid its 150 square miles of real estate, this Caribbean island — which has been continuously inhabited for centuries — has black- and white-sand beaches, as well as many ancient and colonial ruins.

42: South Padre Bay

South Padre Island is a 34-mile stretch of sandy bliss in the Gulf of Mexico and is considered to be the hottest destination in Texas for spring-break partiers. Most of the year, this small island is a serene beach oasis, but when summer hits, it morphs into a wild beach bash with thousands of college students.

41: Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia, is prime time for the international surfing crowd. Whether you’re surfing, boogie-boarding, skim-boarding, kite-boarding or cliff diving, the water is always packed. Surfers Paradise also has a booming boardwalk, a flourishing nightlife and an impressive, 1,058-foot tall tower with an observation deck that provides 360-degree views of the city.

40: Soneva Kiri

Charter a private plane and speedboat to reach the remote Soneva Kiri Resort and Beach. Sitting on Thailand's fourth-largest and least-populated island, Koh Kood, Soneva Kiri combines a resort getaway on a private beach with untamed wilderness.

39: San Alfonso Del Mar

Sal Alfonso del Mar is a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile, that is home to the largest swimming pool in the world, with 66 million gallons of treated Pacific Ocean water. In this record-breaking pool, visitors can take part in watersports such as sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

38: Montauk

Montauk has become a sought-after destination for local and foreign travelers looking for the perfect place for relaxation, wellness, sunshine, surfing, fishing, exceptional dining and unparalleled majestic sunsets.

37: Oludeniz

Just south of Oludeniz is Butterfly Valley, a breathtaking geological fjord on the Mediterranean Sea. As a preserved natural site where there is no land development or construction, the only accommodation facilities here are tents and bungalows. Butterfly Valley offers opportunities to bathe in waterfalls, hike through lush valleys and watch magnificent sunsets over the cliffs.

36: Lake Atitlan

The Laguna Lodge overlooks the azure water of Lake Atitlan from its perch in its own private nature reserve. Guests can indulge in the luxury of this boutique hotel while gazing across at three scenic volcanoes.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Beach You Haven't Heard of... Yet"

35: Oregon Dunes

South Jetty Beach is a perfect pit stop along the 382-mile Oregon Coast Trail, which stretches mostly through beaches and state parks.

34: Cala'n Porter

Cala’n Porter is a thriving destination with not only natural beauty, but also all the amenities you could possibly need for a great break from regular life.

33: Rodeo Beach

Experience the best of the San Francisco area’s nature at a black-sand pebble beach in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, where semiprecious stones are hidden among the tall, rolling cliffs. There are miles of hiking and biking trails alongside the towering sequoia trees within the park.

32: Playa Paraiso

A town in Mexico that has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years — with the architecture to prove it — Tulum is a destination that is not to be missed for history lovers. For those who wish to swim in some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, it also provides spots such as the El Paraiso Hotel.

31: Driftwood Beach

This tranquil island off the coast of Georgia is known for its ideal shrimping waters and distinctive stretches of sand. Called a Gothic tree graveyard because of its haunting driftwood bundles, Driftwood Beach is mesmerizing.

30: St. Jean Beach

Located in the Leeward Islands in the northeastern Caribbean, St. Barts is a premier location for young, hot, hip tourists looking to party all night and kick back on St. Jean Beach all day.

29: Rehobeth Beach

Rehoboth Beach, Deleware, is the ultimate red-hot American summer beach, not to mention the skim-boarding capital of the East Coast.

28: Soufriere

St. Lucia holds the distinction of being the most mountainous island in the Caribbean. Trek to the Pitons in Soufriere and take an ATV ride through the rain forests, right up to private beaches and waterfalls. Jade Mountain Resort is built into the mountains and features open-air suites, or “sanctuaries,” many with their own infinity pools, as well as world-class restaurants and an open-air bar.

27: Luquillo Beach

The public beach of Luquillo is one of the most beautiful in Puerto Rico, but its proximity to rain forests, particularly El Yunque National Forest, is what draws visitors here from around the world. Luquillo Beach is a huge plantation of majestic coconut palm shades and more than a mile of fine, shimmering sand.

26: Lahaina Beach

On the western shore of Maui, Lahaina is a beach community famous for the many shops and restaurants that line Front Street, located right on the water. The Old Lahaina Luau is a premier destination with Hawaiian culture and cuisine.

25: Hollywood Beach

Located 10 miles south of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach is a family-friendly, historical beach city that has been popular since the 1920s.

24: Bondi Beach

Only a few miles away from downtown Sydney lies one of the greatest beachfronts on the planet, Bondi Beach. This roughly half-mile strip of beach, its boardwalk and the town serving as its backdrop offer enough amenities and activities to make it the perfect sand and surf hot spot.

23: Fornillo Beach

Beautiful Fornillo Beach is a hidden secret in the beloved fishing village of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. A small, pebble-stone beach at the bottom of a plunging cliff face, it sits to the west of Marina Grande, the main beach in Positano.

22: Princess Margaret Beach

Feel like a native by taking a walk down a hidden path to the secret Princess Margaret Beach, and enjoy the area’s unspoiled treasures on Bequia Island. Relish the extensive stretch of private oceanfront looking out toward the bay and yachts, and marvel at some of the most unusual volcanic cave structures in the world.

21: Playa Solmar

Long considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world, this city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is home to some of the hottest beaches, resorts, clubs and, of course, people. It contains pristine beaches great for lounging or going for a swim, as well as some of the best restaurants in the entire country.

20: North Male Atoll

The North Male Atoll, which is nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka, is home to secluded, immaculate beaches, private bungalows and remarkable ocean views.

19: Red Frog Beach

The Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro is a blend of soothing luxury, raw culture and untamed rain forests. Red Frog Beach Island Resort on Isla Bastimentos is a perfect mix of all three.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "World's Most Secret Beach"

18: Banje Beach

Banje Beach, a pebble and sand beach with a view of the Old Town, is in the heart of Dubrovnik. The perfect oasis here is Eastwest Beach Club, ideal for relaxing on the lounge chairs and exotic bamboo beds, sipping cocktails or decompressing with a deep-tissue body massage.

17: Grotto Beach

For adventurous travelers, a trip to the great white shark and whale capital of the world is a must. After taking one of the many shark and whale tours, head to Grotto Beach to relax with a gorgeous mountainous backdrop and rolling yet gentle waves. 

16: Boracay Islands

This picturesque white-sand beach and its incredibly delicious local cuisine and intense watersports define bliss in the Philippines.

15: White Sand Beach

In the isolated islands of the Trat province, on the western shore of Ko Chang, lies gorgeous White Sand Beach. Relax in the beach’s rain forest while swimming with gentle elephants, bathe in the spectacular jungle waterfalls, and then eat to your stomach’s content at one of many roadside venders with goodies grilled to perfection.

14: Rendezvous Bay

Anguilla is one of the smaller Caribbean islands — and one of its best-kept secrets. Mere steps from the beach on Rendezvous Bay sits the exclusive CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa. It’s surrounded by lush, tropical plant life and the world’s only hydroponic farm.

13: Playa Los Cerritos

As one of the last places in the country that sustains its old-school Mexican feel, Los Cerritos in Todos Santos offers extraordinary surfing and a passionate art scene. 

12: Venice Beach

Angeles hosts millions of visitors every year who come to enjoy the sights and check out some of the wildest characters around. Featuring quirky street performers, various vendors and exceptional fishing, it’s no surprise that Venice Beach is a must-see.

11: South Beach

By day, South Beach is known for its colorful Art Deco cityscape, which provides a surreal backdrop to the crystal-blue beaches. By night, the beach’s dynamically thriving nightlife takes over.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "World's Sexiest Beach Bars"

10: Playa Grande

Long considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world, this city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is home to some of the hottest beaches, resorts, clubs and, of course, people. It contains pristine beaches great for lounging or going for a swim, as well as some of the best restaurants in the entire country.

9: Sand Beach

Sand Beach in Maine's Acadia National Park is a hidden gem. Acadia was the first national park in the eastern U.S. and with endless beauty and diversity, this rugged coast this beach is a favorite attraction for visitors each year.

8: Caves Branch

Suit up for adventure and invade the shadowy, ancient Mayan caves, led by experienced Caves Branch guides. Discover primitive Mayan artifacts, such as face carvings and original pottery, as well as natural wall formations.

7: Wai'anapanapa

The eastern shore of Maui offers a lush world accessible by the twisting Hana Highway, which leads to the ultimate secluded nature destination. The otherworldly black-volcanic-sand beaches, hidden caves, tall jungle trees and roaring, swimmable waterfalls illustrate the sensory experience of Wai’anapanapa State Park.

6: Playa Chac Mool

Playa Chac Mool is an expansive stretch of beautiful white sand and lovely aqua waters, characterizing the beaches of Cancun. The premier party destination in Mexico — and one of the best in the entire world — this resort town is more than just a popular spring-break spot.

5: Cape Hatteras

As one of the largest preserved parcels of the Outer Banks, this national seashore stretches across 70 miles of coastline. It encompasses seven villages on Hatteras Island and provides visitors with undisturbed, scenic beaches, as well as some of the prettiest natural drives on the East Coast.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Top U.S. Beach"

4: Matira Beach

Bora Bora is the one of the most secluded, most romantic islands in the world, with surreal and captivating beauty. The water is a kaleidoscope of shimmering jade, sapphire and turquoise blues.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Romantic Beach"

3: Ipanema Beach

The most-visited city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro offers an endless supply of water- and land-based activities. Complete with a surreal cityscape, unbelievable sand and surf, and some of the most beautiful people in the world, Ipanema Beach offers an eyeful of wonder of various kinds.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Best Party Beach"

2: Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is accessible from a trail that cuts through the maritime forest and leads to the coast. When travelers reach the end, they can go south to the glorious Ruby Beach or head north to the mouth of the Hoh River.

1: Red Beach

Santorini, the quintessential Greek isle in the Cyclades, features houses stacked on cliffs with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, fresh seafood and an incredible atmosphere. With several local white- and black-sand beaches, Red Beach is possibly the most stunning, thanks to a nearby collapsed volcano and cave houses in the cliff side that were turned into luxurious holiday resorts.

TravelChannel.com Winner - "Most Unusual Beach"

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